Does Any Of It Even Matter?

My wife could only stomach the first 30 minutes of the Debate so that’s all I watched.

I was only watching for the comedy anyway. None of it matters.

Nothing is going to stop what is approaching.

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2 Responses to Does Any Of It Even Matter?

  1. russ says:

    NO ONE in their right mind could even think about voting for dementia Joe!!!

  2. David says:

    I watched to get a few laughs out of Biden myself.Decided I would watch it all when they started fussing like little children and calling each other names and liers and such.It took me 7 good shots of white lightning to make it through the whole thing.
    I now join the ranks of those who were calling for Joe Rogan to moderate.Chris Wallace should never be allowed another chance.He blew it big time with his bias.
    After hearing all that bitching and whining it brought back the PTSD from my last bad divorce.
    I can’t watch another one of those.Pitiful display of two men that aren’t mature enough to teach kindergarten,much less to be the leader of the so called free world.

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