“Donald Trump’s tax cuts are soaking the rich and something must be done!” –the DEMOCRATS

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1 Response to “Donald Trump’s tax cuts are soaking the rich and something must be done!” –the DEMOCRATS

  1. Bill says:

    the demon-rats now claim the rich people are being fleeced by Trump, but hasn’t the dims. always claimed to hate the rich openly with there media whore mouthpieces but sneakily thru back door shenanigans collecting hundreds of millions of dollars thru all nefarious means for the dnc and there re-election campaigns. these people are so two faced and hypocritical it’s beyond anything I have ever witnessed in my life time. So I am happy trump is fleecing these rich dirt bags who support all sorts of filth and debauchery in the demon rat party. so go cry me a river all you blue states and now your leaders will have to tell the people truth on how they have been screwing the tax payers in there states with have very high tax rates for the last 60 years, and we american people have been subsidizing it for a very long time. the gravy train has ended for them and they don’t like it so they attack Trump and make all sorts of threats of lawsuits which are going absolutely no where, and now these blue state leaders will have to raise there taxes even higher to make up for the shortfall which will lead them to be voted out in droves even by there own demon-rat voters. One just has to laugh as to how they have entangled themselves with all sorts of lies and deceit and the chicken are finally coming home to roost on every single on of them.

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