Doug Hagmann: The single most dangerous question to Obama about Benghazi

Although numerous unanswered questions continue to plague the Obama White House about the criminal and murderous events of the Benghazi attacks on September 11, 2012, there is one single question that needs to be asked with absolute precision and answered with authenticated specificity.

It is the question that Obama and a very small contingent of his innermost circle fear the most, for it is my professional investigative assessment, based on insider information, that the answer to this question alone will cause the immediate demands for the impeachment and removal from office of Barack Hussein Obama. It is this precise question:

Where exactly within the White House was Barack Hussein Obama, from the time he left the Oval Office at approximately 7:30 p.m. ET, until the following day when he boarded Air Force One destined for Las Vegas, who was he with, and what were the exact nature of his activities during this period?


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1 Response to Doug Hagmann: The single most dangerous question to Obama about Benghazi

  1. Dave says:

    IF…..we ever get a truthful answer to this question, presented to the public, it will not only end his presidency but will ignite Revolution III. Im pretty sure I know where he was and what (who) he was doing but it is not something I want to repeat. There are plenty of people who know the answer for a fact, its just a matter of getting them to talk.

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