Enough Is Enough!

Antisemitism is at its highest point since the Holocaust. It is beyond time for you to learn how to protect yourself. I am making a free offer to anyone who is ready to protect themselves, their family and their home.
Contact me at the following:
Email: gadi@gadiadelman.com
Twitter private message me: @gadiadelman
Facebook messager: https://www.facebook.com/gadi.adelman

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27 Responses to Enough Is Enough!

  1. Anony Maus says:

    If I tell you I’ve been kicked out of 109 bars, do guess that the problem is with me or the 109 bars? The primary cause of anti-semitism is semitism.

    • Gadi Adelman says:

      so Anony Maus, too afraid to post that with your name?

      • a follower says:

        Just a thought. Perhaps what Anony Maus is speaking to is this, the divisiveness?
        Genealogy is not the issue. And to your credit, i see you are offering to all, to your fellow man.
        Hatred period is on the increase, all across the board. The proof is all around us.
        So what are your plans if Anony Maus returns with his name and address?

        • Gadi Adelman says:

          If that is what he meant he could have stated so. As far as what would I do? Nothing, he won’t, if it was meant as an antisemitic remark, he, like all antisemites hide behind their keyboard

          • Alfred Barnes says:

            Does the term zionist mean anything to you? Not to pick nits, but militant islam hates everyone who isn’t islamic. Not to pick nits, but what is militant islam, isn’t it all of islam? Why single out Islam, or is it anyone who isn’t Jewish? What is the difference, then, between Islam and Judaism, if everyone who isn’t a member of your tribe, is a potential enemy? I refer back to my initial question, does the term zionist mean anything to you? What about the second temple? What about all of these things, and then tell me how you’re a victim.

            And no, Alfred Barnes isn’t my real name. I’m not marketing myself as an expert in my field.

          • Gadi Adelman says:

            I can’t even begin to understand what you are talking about.
            What does Islam or ‘militant Islam’ have anything to do with this? I never said Islam was behind this most recent attack.
            Then you ask the difference between Islam and Judaism? What? And somehow that makes every Jew a potential enemy?
            Lastly, I never said I was a victim, I said, “I won’t be a victim”.
            Don’t bother to answer this because I will certainly not answer anything about your post again. I’ll just leave it here for people to see if they can figure out what the heck you are talking about.

          • David says:

            Gadi, I think you covered it pretty well.

          • a follower says:

            In reading the comments below:
            Perhaps his comment only served to drive a discussion. To see how people act and react?
            Unfortunately people usually get off on hurling accusations etc. Instead of caring enough to ask questions and communicate their views.
            Favoritism is what many are asking about. Favoritism based on ethnicity and achievements (largely materialism.)
            Rabbi Will, Jealousy is ugly yet Pride and chest pounding, is also.

        • Rabbi Will says:

          I wish you could find one word of rebuke for blatant bigotry do you think it would be an innocent conversation starter if the same guy said there’s a reason whites don’t want blacks in their neighborhood? You say more than you mean to every time your pseudonym speaks thank you please keep it up😁

          • a follower says:

            So your solution is to call everyone bigots.
            i thought “our side” was supposed to be better, different.
            Your hypothetical does not come close to what was said.
            Look at what he said:
            “If I tell you I’ve been kicked out of 109 bars, do guess that the problem is with me or the 109 bars? The primary cause of anti-semitism is semitism.”
            What is the definition of semitism?
            Semitism noun
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            Sem·​i·​tism | \ ˈse-mə-ˌti-zəm \
            Definition of Semitism
            1a: Semitic character or qualities
            b: a characteristic feature of a Semitic language occurring in another language
            2: policy or predisposition favorable to Jews

            The issue is hatred (Bigotry if you prefer) PERIOD!

          • a follower says:

            It should be obvious that the Jews do not have a corner on the market of persecution nor a free pass anywhere.
            same as the rest of us.
            Hatred, jealously, pride, can and has been a murderer of all!

    • Elizabeth D Sams says:

      Anony Maus -- What has “semitism”, or more exactly Judaism, ever done to “get them kicked out of bars” so to speak? Because they have a culture that pushes their kids to study and do well, so they are, as a people, often successful? There is such a thing as Superior and Inferior cultures, IMHO. Are we to be the sports of petty jealousy? Look at the vast amount of contributions Jews have made to the world to date -- from medical cures and inventions, to cell phones etc -- too numerous to mention. Compare that to let’s say the American Indian, of which I have in my family -- little to no achievements. Never even invented the frigging WHEEL for Gods sake. So, hey I am still proud of my ancestor (Tho my Scottish ancestors did FAR more), and I am still neither angry or jealous of Jewish people. Imagine that!

  2. Gadi Adelman says:

    David, it’s pretty sad that the only comments left thus far are… Yeah, you saw it… Antisemitic.

    • David says:

      Mayor de Blasio just blamed Trump for this attack. I am seeing a pattern of antisemitism and shifting blame. If you need any help in this endeavor, let me know.

      • Gadi Adelman says:

        Not surprising, as usual, it’s all Trumps fault.
        Doesn’t matter that he has done more for Israel and the Jewish people than all Presidents before him combined,doesn’t matter that he has a Conservative Jewish daughter and grandchildren, doesn’t matter that he speaks out against antisemitism.
        The left will continue to call him a racist, antisemite.
        As far as help David, keep posting the stories of what is happening the world over with the attacks on both Christians and Jews. This NEEDS to be front and center!
        And the Christians had better learn what the Arabic saying and battle cry of, “First comes Saturday and then comes Sunday” means!

  3. Elizabeth D Sams says:

    My technical analysis of “Alfred Barnes”: He is a blithering idiot.

  4. Rabbi Will says:

    Gadi . You are doing the lord’s work my friend. Don’t give up ever! And don’t give up on this site. There are alot of good men here! I’m a firearms instructor and range safety officer for over a decade. I’m in Rowan county NC and will assist in any way that You feel appropriate sir here is my e mail pinchasproject@gmail.com may the Lord bless and keep you! Rav Will .

    • Gadi Adelman says:

      Thank you Rabbi, from you that really means a lot to me.

    • Elizabeth D Sams says:

      Wow that is great -- good to be able to help train people in your area. Everyone must be ready to always be aware and watchful, and to be their own first responder. Thank you for all you do!

  5. Charley Waite says:

    Whether you agree or disagree that Judaism is particularly under attack or hate is on the rise in general, Mr Adelman is putting his time and money where is mouth is. And that is refreshing to see in a world of talk talk talk here on the internet. Salute to you, sir, and may God protect and keep you.

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