Fairfax County Virginia 2nd Amendment Sanctuary County Speech: Civil War

Attorney General’s response to 2nd Amendment sanctuary resolutions: ‘Gun safety laws will be followed’

Virginia is going to get real sporty come the first of the year.

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8 Responses to Fairfax County Virginia 2nd Amendment Sanctuary County Speech: Civil War

  1. bill craig says:

    It is working in CO. Need sheriffs support. Go get em!!

  2. Dan Adams says:

    Let the war begin…

  3. Arrest Northam says:

    Whoever in Virginia is involved in unconstitutional official acts (Governor Northam, Delegates introducing such unconstitutional bills, etc.) should be arrested and charged for the crimes they’re involved in.
    Unconstitutional Official Acts
    The general misconception is that any statute passed by legislators bearing the appearance of law constitutes the law of the land.
    The U.S. Constitution is the supreme law of the land, and any statute, to be valid, must be In agreement.
    It is impossible for both the Constitution and a law violating it to be valid; one must prevail.
    This is succinctly stated as follows:
    The General rule is that an unconstitutional statute, though having the form and name of law is in reality no law, but is wholly void, and ineffective for any purpose; since unconstitutionality dates from the time of it’s enactment and not merely from the date of the decision so branding it.
    An unconstitutional law, in legal contemplation, is as inoperative as if it had never been passed.
    Such a statute leaves the question that it purports to settle just as it would be had the statute not been enacted.
    Since an unconstitutional law is void, the general principles follow that it imposes no duties, confers no rights, creates no office, bestows no power or authority on anyone, affords no protection, and justifies no acts performed under it…..
    A void act cannot be legally consistent with a valid one.
    An unconstitutional law cannot operate to supersede any existing valid law.
    Indeed, insofar as a statute runs counter to the fundamental law of the lend, it is superseded thereby.
    No one Is bound to obey an unconstitutional law and no courts are bound to enforce it.

  4. Arizona says:

    THE GOVERNMENT IN AMERICA ..have NEVER been charged with TREASON,there have been NO public executions of CRIMINAL POLITICANS EVER,but thats all about to change,AMERICA is about to see blood on every street,in every town,in every neighborhood,on every side walk,COWARDS DESERVE NO FREEDOM,CRIMINAL POLITICANS DESERVE TO BE HANGED FOR TREASON,ITS TIME to make your mind up america.. what will it be, FREEDOM OR SLAVERY at the hands of criminal government traitors…YOUR children deserve better then cowards for parents,,who would sell them down the crapper because their afraid of their own shadow….

    • You are right. They are a bunch of criminals working for the British owned corporation called UNITED STATES OF AMERICA INC. The British parent corporation is in Edinburgh, Scotland. “How USA is a corporation & still owned by king of England: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EkL6LfGG62A.

      British Parent info:

      The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA LIMITED is a British corporation based in Edinburgh, Scotland. It is the parent-company of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA sub-corporations in America under various names (which it changes on ongoing basis by re-incorporating them), The company was first incorporated within America in 1868 in the state of Delaware as a PRIVATE company and seized control of the District of Columbia when Congress passed the District of Columbia Act of 1871 . (Please view all images closely and verify/disprove on Internet web sites BEFORE you make up your mind …)

      Company No. SC380798

      The above paragraph is from:

      So, essentially, USA is a British colony and is a corporation owned by the British.

      http://usabritishcolony.blogspot.com and http://usaiaboc.blogspot.com

    • Bill says:

      i agree the time for talk is over and now we must go into full war mode or these demonrats will send us and our families to fema camps for extermination and they will use the same criminals we see everyday on the fake news media. we must not allow this continue, the time is now to fully take control of our federal and state governments. we must arrest everyone in the deep state intelligence agencies as well as the state department, this is where all the scumbag traitors are doing the work for the clintons and the demon-rat communist party

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