Fake News Is One of Many Enemies

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4 Responses to Fake News Is One of Many Enemies

  1. a follower says:

    Straw men are also used quite frequently by the Donald.

  2. LT says:

    “Fake News” is not the enemy… those who create it are. Just as, “it is not the gun which kills, but the person who uses it.”
    The PC language of our current [anti]culture is so utterly passivated, exactly because it is intended to deny us the ability to declare the identity of our enemies, even to ourselves.

    I deny the power of PC though and language to ‘mold’ who I am or what I think -- I am clear on who our enemies are, and clear in my knowledge of what needs to be done to defeat them --

    Communists, muslims, and the egalitarian attitudes of the willfully ignorant and destructively selfish masses are our enemies.

    And what we need to do to defeat them is just as clear -- communists and muslims need to be driven out without exception or heistation, and if they will not leave without violence then they must be destroyed.

    As for the egalitarian, ignorant, destructive elements within our society… their disposition is less definite, but no less urgent: those who refuse to acknowledge the Truth are always a danger to society, and giving them free reign, as has been done for the last three generations, has only proven why such ‘free reign’ is the inherent danger of every free society.

    It is as Samuel Adams stated so plainly, “A general dissolution of the principles and manners will more surely overthrow the liberties of America than the whole force of the common enemy…. While the people are virtuous they cannot be subdued; but once they lose their virtue, they will be ready to surrender their liberties to the first external or internal invader…”, and why Thomas Jefferson said, “Enlighten the people, generally, and tyranny and oppressions of body and mind will vanish like spirits at the dawn of day… I know no safe depository for the ultimate powers of the society but the people themselves; and if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise their control with a wholesome discretion, the remedy is not to take it from them, but to inform their discretion by education.”

    May God grant us the grace to take those wise words to heart, and from them forge our future course as a society.

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