Five Reasons Not to Vote

I recently received an email offering five reasons why I should vote in the upcoming presidential election. The reasons were provided by a Romney supporter. I suspect others have received similar suggestions for not only Mr. Romney but also reasons to vote for Obama. I continue my determination not to comply to the suggestions of the partisans for either party. I respond with my own five reasons why we should not vote, at all.

1) When one votes for the lesser of two evils, one is still voting for evil.
2) Our ‘choice’ is an illusion. The same elitists control both candidates and both political parties.
3) The important policies never change regardless of which party has control. Our freedom continues to be destroyed, the economy continues to suffer due to out of control spending, the big corporations and bankers continue to rape the country, and justice has fled the land.
4) The election vote counting is rigged. Remember, a large part of our votes will be tabulated in Spain and electronic voting is subject to hacking but not subject to a verifiable recount.
5) Who said the American people need to be ‘ruled’? I reject the premise and therefore have no need to elect a ‘ruler’. As a matter of fact, We the People must give our consent to the government to represent us. Based on this governments track record over the past 50 years, it would be reckless in the extreme to continue granting them that consent. When we refuse to participate in the voting charade, we withdraw our consent.

For those who would refer to this as my ‘freedom to do nothing’ I would say this; I don’t view withholding my vote as doing nothing. It is, in fact doing a very large something. It is representative of withdrawing my support of a corrupt system and a criminal government.

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1 Response to Five Reasons Not to Vote

  1. tmedlin says:

    How you “view” your failure to vote out a tyrant is different than the actual results. I’m sure the Obama administration is tickled with your decision. While they may not remember those who passively allowed them to continue to destroy this country, there are those of us, who will.
    When the dust clears, you can stand over on the other side with Pelosi, Reid, and Obama.
    ps -- the Spain thing was debunked months ago.

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