I am no fan of DJT. He has certainly been entertaining and he plays the media and the embedded ticks in Washington like a banjo, but he was only a currency to buy time for me. Like a dumpster fire used to distract the zombies from eating my tribe so we could get closer to ready for the main event.

We are certainly living in interesting times.

I have been beating the drum of being ready for what is probably going to be the biggest paradigm shift since the fall of Rome for a long time. When the US implodes and after the years which follow, the world (what’s left) will be a different place we can barely recognize.

Many of us have simply stopped getting our house in order because “our guy” won. This is like wasting a time out during the big game by watching the cheerleaders.

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  1. Remsdad says:

    If we are going to fight it better be soon rather than late, there are fewer and fewer of us in the right as natural causes whittle our numbers. In twenty years an armed citizenry of seventy and eighty year olds is likely ineffective.

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