Focus (Part II)

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Lawless has written a short piece concerning our situation in this country. For me, he is preaching to the choir. I agree that too many sunshine patriots have abrogated their responsibilities to God, country and family (kith and ken) to the President. Transference will never regain our Liberty.

There are many who have the same mindset: we have been given a reprieve before the war begins. For those who believe that we may face an economic collapse instead of a war, let me be clear: collapse will bring war and war will bring collapse. How we use this reprieve is a measure of the man or woman who takes their responsibilities seriously.

I do have a question for those who have placed their faith and future in the hands of man instead of their Lord. Who will you turn to when man fails you? Will you turn to the next strongman? Will you turn to God?

For those who are preparing for the remnant, how will we conduct ourselves when the chaff has to be separated from the wheat? Compassion and mercy will be in short supply when it appears that the world is ending. We cannot rebuild a new Earth without God and faith. Lean on Him and he will support us. Lean on man and you will suffer the consequences.

Use this time wisely and consider your options.

David DeGerolamo

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3 Responses to Focus (Part II)

  1. lawless says:

    We must be getting the same answers to prayer for wisdom brother.

    • David says:

      Not surprising. The Lord’s plan is straight forward for all who are willing to listen.

  2. a follower says:

    From the first article,
    “Many of us have simply stopped getting our house in order because “our guy” won. This is like wasting a time out during the big game by watching the cheerleaders.”
    DJT, may well be the guy that Yahuah, sent to be elected, and there most certainly are good reasons for. (a strongman)
    This however does not mean that Tribulations are over. To me this meant the conflict was and is about to get even uglier. Many of us know that for things to get better it will first get ugly.

    How ugly remains to be seen, and can we discern the right and wrong of it in the midst of all the propaganda and emotions?
    Instead of joining a side as many of the “Trump worshipers” i am glad to see people taking a much more reserved position.
    Are the churches giving warning? How about the government led by Trump?
    Does anyone think Trump is warning “His people” to prepare for what’s coming?

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