For Those Late to the Game: GEAR for CIVIL WAR

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2 Responses to For Those Late to the Game: GEAR for CIVIL WAR

  1. james murray says:

    combat shop to get all shit

  2. Gryphon says:

    Instead of ‘Tacticool Gear Queer’ Think about ordinary clothes, and a small backpack that is any color than Black or O.D. Notice how ‘Anti-Camouflage’ this kind of Mil Gear looks in an Urban/Suburban setting.

    Re-Think the whole “Mix it Up in the Streets with the commies”. Think, Sniping with a Suppressed Weapon from Concealment.

    And FFS, find out where the politicians (and their families) Live in your AO. THEY are the ones permitting and allowing the commie thugs to Assemble and Riot. Don’t forget your local po-Lice, either, they are actively Aiding and Abetting your Enemies, by Arresting any Citizen who Defends themselves.

    p.s. why ‘hump a ruck’ when you can ride a good off-road Bicycle twice as fast as a grunt can run?

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