For Your Consideration President Trump

I was forwarded this letter sent to President Trump concerning Lyin’ Lynda Bennett’s bid for the US House of Representatives in North Carolina:

Mr. President,

It has come to our attention that you unknowingly may be under some undue influence to throw your support behind a candidate in the run off for a Representative in Congress as a result of our recent primary elections here in District 11 of North Carolina.

Sir, we ask that you not heed the erroneously placed fervor for one of the candidates before the run off totals are in. These are the reasons behind our concern:

1. There have been some less-than-honorable actions by those involved trying to assure the outcome of the election BEFORE We the People had the opportunity to vote.   

2. Local response in the District 11 area reveals questions and concerns across the board.   

3. Any further interference in this election before We The People get to vote very well may result in not only the loss of this seat to a democrat, but perhaps North Carolina as a whole will be at risk to “go blue”.

As Constitutional Conservatives who have “earned our spurs” in this long life time, we urge you to please allow the people to vote their hearts in this run off for the Republican Nominee in the November election. Once those results are in in mid’ May, you certainly will have our blessings to endorse the Republican nominee.

Thank you, President Trump, for your attention to and actions on the behalf of We The People.

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