From HBO’s John Adams Series

Strange how one of history’s most ardent defenders of freedom and the abolition of slavery in the colonies has been rewritten into an evil slave owner. Thomas Jefferson was our greatest President. Any fool may malign another individual; let us see if history will be rewritten for political expediency. And let us see if we allow it.

David DeGerolamo

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3 Responses to From HBO’s John Adams Series

  1. Jeff M says:

    Hopefully Trump takes over number 1 in 6 years.

    • David says:

      It would be nice to surpass Thomas Jefferson but unlikely. Although the Louisiana Purchase was questionable Constitutionally, it was a steal and good for the country. His diplomatic accomplishments were great. He returned us from the abuses of John Adams back to the Constitution. Built the foundation of our navy, defeated the Muslim pirates terrorizing the world and put us on a strong fiscal foundation by reducing our national debt. Founded a university, was a Godly man and tried to convert the Indians to Christianity. The list goes on but I doubt anyone will be a greater President.

      • Jeff M says:

        No disagreement David…

        Trump has the opportunity to turn the whole world away from the one world government system. By no means the Messiah, but to stop the Eugenics nuts in their tracks would be something.

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