Glenn Beck: Mitch McConnell Calls People Who Support FreedomWorks Traitors

Glenn Beck has announced that Mitch McConnell has labelled people who support FreedomWorks and the Senate Conservative Fund as traitors. Beck is calling for a national effort to defund the GOP.

Where will this leave us? A pathway without a goal will only lead to the resurgence of the Democrat Party. Should we defund the GOP? We should defund both parties AND the federal government which has usurped our Liberty.

Is the solution the formation of a third party as he is now suggesting? It is a goal. Will it be THE solution? What do you think?

David DeGerolamo

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9 Responses to Glenn Beck: Mitch McConnell Calls People Who Support FreedomWorks Traitors

  1. Hans says:

    Let me paraphrase:

    “The enemy of my enemy … is not necessarily my friend.”

    Elected ‘representatives’ from the Republican Party have demonstrated over the last decade that they are not necessarily friends of liberty.

    And the modern day Republican Party has not provided any compelling evidence that they the ‘natural enemy’ of Progressives.

    So what value should one expect to realize from continued support of The Grand Old Party?

    Two things for you to ponder …

    Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.

    Hope Is Not A Method

  2. rogerunited says:

    Replace the GOP with 50 state parties. National parties should be banned.

    • This is something new. I suspect within five years, this would lead to sections of the country seceding.

      • rogerunited says:

        I think you are correct. I also think that’s a good thing.
        The country is too big, consider when the Constitution was ratified there were 3.5 million mostly british citizens. Today there are over 300 million of various cultural, social and ethnic backgrounds. One central gov can’t accurately reflect the will or address the needs of such a huge and diverse body. Regional groups of sovereign States is the only way I can see of governing without the US becoing an actual empire and treating the less populous or politically powerful areas as defacto colonies.

  3. Rich says:

    Of course I dont agree with McConnell BUT Freedom Works is pro amnesty..

    • I do not support FreedomWorks.

    • tmedlin says:

      According to their website -- Freedomworks supports a border security plan like the one Mike Pence proposed in 2006:

      The Four-Step Solution: No Amnesty Immigration Reform

      I see the solution as a four-step process:

      1. Secure our border.
      2. Make the decision, once and for all, to deny amnesty to people whose first act in the United States was a violation of the law.
      3. Put in place a guest worker program, without amnesty, that will efficiently provide American employers with willing guest workers who come to America legally.
      4. Enforce tough employer sanctions that ensure a full partnership between American business and the American government in the enforcement of our laws on immigration and guest workers.

      • tmedlin says:

        that said, I don’t “support” Freedomworks, though I do believe they do good work, nor do I “support” the GOP, as an organization, but I occasionally support individual candidates. Neither the Libertarian Party of Constitution Party completely line up with my beliefs. I’m a woman without a party, and I like it that way.

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