Graphic: Execution of Christians

I could say that it is time to put on the armor of God. But until this happens in our own country, we will not fight back. We will not even acknowledge the evil known as Islam. We will make excuses for our inaction and the actions of our “leaders”.

Got Faith?

David DeGerolamo

h/t Guardian556

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11 Responses to Graphic: Execution of Christians

  1. I doubt very seriously even if it happened in America, would there be a response.
    Something happened to the Great American.

  2. Hillbilly says:

    Not Me…I’m a bitter clinger with a Bible and a gun.

  3. LibertyChick says:

    And America wants to help these sick people?

  4. LibertyChick says:

    Just a matter of time -- America began building concentration camps in the 80’s to use in the case of a mass immigration of illegals. Well, they are here and more are coming, and they are not being used for the illegals. Yet more and more concentration camps are being built in most all states, ready to be used.

    I don’t think muslims or illegals will be sent there. Unless they first get the illegals to register to vote for a party/candidate, then imprison them afterward when the candidate is elected…..

  5. Bob says:

    Willpower, I am not sure about the country as a whole, but I am certain that there would be at least pockets of Christain resistance that would not sit by and watch their friends, relatives, and fellow believers be slaughtered. You must remember that when a group of “peaceful” muslims comes into your church that is when it is time to use the pistol that you should be carrying at all times and put well placed shots to the chest and head. Having dealt with these people I can assure you the only thing they understand and respect is power, not negotiation, not freedom, and certainly not anyone else’s religous belief’s as shown in this video.

  6. merlin1246 says:

    When it goes down here, it will be the greatest bloodletting in the history of humankind.
    200 million dead would be a conservative number.

  7. European American says:

    Why are “they” not censoring these videos, now? Not that the videos should be censored, but why all of a sudden are we seeing these ISIS or ISIL groups executing masses of civilians, military personnel, “christians”, etc., etc. It seems that PsyOps is behind this. Yes, American PsyOps, to create a “certain” reaction in the viewer, you and I, to program us, like we’ve never been programmed before. Something is changing on the planet and I would be very, very careful jumping to conclusions about what seems to be obvious. Mind control at it’s best.
    Those being murdered seem sedated, under a spell, in a trance. Very weird, very weird indeed.

  8. Dave says:

    “why all of a sudden are we seeing these ISIS or ISIL groups executing masses of civilians, military personnel, “christians”, etc., etc. ”

    More preparation of the battlefield. We are being conditioned to support the next phase of the war. Iran and Saudi Arabia are the proxies we are using. Russia and Chine will support Iran, we will support KSA. Not sure how Israel will become more involved but judging from their recent attack on Syria, they will at some point.

  9. European American says:

    The “Battlefield” is now the mind, i.e. malleable and mush, for most Americans. This is not about nations, or religions, this is about controlling and manipulating the minds of the masses to do exactly what they, they being possibly the banking cartel, or the illuminati, or maybe the ZIonists, or maybe all three, but these violent videos, designed “in-house” by (American) PsyOps to infiltrate the minds of those who are living in fear, so they “react” when the time is “right” to follow the orders of those fascists who rule with an iron fist. Get ready Americans, this is all about getting Americans docile, passive and overshadowed by FEAR. And it’s coming to a neighborhood near you, if not yours.

  10. SFMedicDave says:

    Everyone is always talking about the “enemies of liberty” and all they see are the obvious ones, the people on the public stage. What is missed are the people behind those enemies. The ones who roll out the carpet and open the door for them, all under the guise of humanism, secularism, tolerance etc. Here is a cabal of them here in the US who have actively worked over the Carolinas for years.

  11. Where have all the closets gone?

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