Grass Eating Men (Herbivore Antifa)

You probably have not heard the terms “Herbivore Men” or “Grass Eating Men”. The above video is from 2017. Since it was released the trend has escalated in both Japan and China:

These sexless men are known as “otaku,” – a Japanese term for socially awkward gents who have isolated themselves from their families and romantic prospects alike. “[T]hese “geeks” tend to be diehard anime and manga fans who have little interest in dating,” writes Luisa Tam in the South China Morning Post

But the effects of lifelike sex dolls have some postulating the end of the Japanese culture: Explosion In Sex Dolls Threatens Japanese Race With “Extinction”. I have not written previously concerning this trend due to its content. But now I see both men and women walking down the street with their faces glued to their phones and I have to ask if American males are becoming grass eaters? I used to think apathy was the root cause for the rise of tyranny and corruption in the country. What if that is a faulty premise? What if our children have become indoctrinated to become less vocal, more feminine and more “genderless”?

As I watch antifa “useful idiots”, I started to think about this analogy. These herbivores hide their faces, attack from behind, cannot take one punch and in many instances stand behind female antifas. These “herbivore antifa” do not have an issue speaking out: as long as their faces are hidden. What is also hidden are the people who are controlling this anti-American faction. Let us hope that these herbivores have the same characteristics as their Asian counterparts and do not procreate.

And that is the crux of the matter: Western civilizations have declining birth rates. But Muslims have exponential birth rates and they have invaded Europe. The same “powers” that enabled the Muslim invasion of Europe are organizing antifa protests across the country, controlling the media and overseeing the Deep State.

We may lose the upcoming civil war but I sure as hell will never surrender to a herbivore.

David DeGerolamo

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3 Responses to Grass Eating Men (Herbivore Antifa)

  1. Norseman says:

    A beta male is much more dangerous than a alpha male .
    A alpha knows he’s the king of the hill a beta will do anything to try to become the king of the hill .And I do mean anything if that means attacking in a pack and then killing off the pack they’ll do it for two minutes of king dom . Ruthless vicious mean spirited willing to let the females do the hard righting for them and then sneak up and slit their throats while they gorge on the spoils

  2. mtnforge says:

    I get the sneaking gut instinct once armed conflict begins in earnest in America an entirely different set of dynamics, and Men, come into play.
    There is no shortage of smack talk and bravado, thoughts on who or what does this or that.
    Everything changes in ways the vocal demographics of the present can not imagine.
    It requires a different sort of man to not flee or give up and prostrate themselves in the face of absolute violence of combat where you will be killed in a blink of an eye if you dont have the head and courage for it.

    There is another kind of bravery and fear, that of men hunting men relentlessly. Especially in internecine 4th generation war. There are no safe places, you must function at your best in an environment which is relentless. Where everywhere danger and death is waiting for the unwary.

    If you study the memoir’s and first hand accounts of the men who taught under Colonel Stark in the French Indian wars, jt was without exception those who where raised in rural colonial America as farmers blacksmiths and other rural industrial arts and crafts accustomed to the nature, weather, the wilderness, hardship that was normal such as no central heating, or other comforts, but lived and thrived in basic subsistence living, became remarkable guerrilla fighters, who learned valuable lessons of close small unit infantry combat instinctively, who had no notion of giving up or submitting to anything. Rugged self sufficient to the core, most very humbly and privately had enormous quantity of faith and spirit.

    I know personally over my life raised and reside in the most rural Forrester place was of the Missisippi and still lead an agrarian life, use my land as a living resource, I have been tested thru out my life, and have an instinctual, and tribal understanding of surviving and thriving. This life has showed me my mortality, yet provided lessons in courage, of going forward in spite of natural fear, and triumphing personally through being tested, by my own druthers, faults, mistakes and drive to lead a good wholesome life with no regrets to haunt me.
    Does that make me a warrior? Where other men who have not been subject to the trial of life I have, are lesser warriors? It is a thought I have more and more visited and try to understand, because it is very apparent there are forces at work who are never resting to create a time where that match between such men as us will be seriously tested.

    You see the black clad neo-bolsheviks, and I am amused, because they are obvious paid useful fools, maybe a few out front are in it for various personal satisfactions such as masochistic or morbid sociopathic needs. They do not look like future combat enemies, they will probably handle non combat duties if the live thru the first dieoffs common to such Marxian “revolutions”.

    I think what we have to be concerned with is a criminal anarchist element. Maybe the likes of MS13 gangs employed as terror platoons raping and pillaging under the auspices of the elements of the various factions of deep state and globalist powers. For I think to them, at this stage of festivities to destroy America destruction of any kind however it can be attained serves the purpose and intended outcome.

    Regardless of the larger overview, it is and will be man against man in the test of mortal combat. I believe men of similar life experience and lessons as myself are more able to adapt to and become fierce warriors tacticians and strategist’s. We have geography and the resources of flyover nation at our disposal, we belong to a more or less tribal communities, our woman and children are hardened to some degree or other of the life we all share.
    I believe also we have everything to fight for and win. Where foreign agents of tyranny must work and fight in our terrain, have the hardships of primitive sparesly settled land, mountains, forrests, and all that entails in an insurgency 4th G conflict.
    A most critical aspect here is we already occupy terrain and hold territory, where outside forces must either take and hold this territory our liquidate the land of its natural inhabitants.

    Will these antifa useful stooges in black masks with genderfluid issues come into my backyard and try to take everything I love? If they attempt to I can guarantee they better bring tanks, lots of tanks, because they will be sticking their dicks in a meat grinder. It would be almost comical if it was not so sad and driven by a terrible evil.

    No, I believe that evil will sic a particular kind of psycopathic blood thirsty force upon us out in the “unsecured spaces” as globalist cabal call our homes and farms lands in rural America. Evil hidden from any mention on the “media”, very bad very ruthless hunter killer groups with no limits inhibiting them from terrorizing the populous of flyover nation. Because if there is only one motive for doing so, it is because this is where the individualist, the rugged self determining dirt people live, ones immune to the agitprop and brain washing possible in urban and suburban enclaves. Of wiping from memory and history the way of Christian Western Men of The West. Not that there are no warriors to be found, quite the contrary, for urban life has its own set of dangers and trials Men must survive, or submit to.

    Regardless, the idea is to divide and conquer America, and importing the mongrel horde from 3rd world shitholes fits the butchers bill of 4th G war very well.
    It remains to be seen if the cabal has the resources and power to set race war afire and consume the Republic. Personally, I have indomitable faith we as a nation of people are better than to B crushed under the jackboot of some stinking one world order. Dont mean it will be easy, or not a bloody mess, but we prevail in the end.
    Lord knows enough of us, a Legion of us, have had quite enough of the deep state world order crime syndicate bullshit.
    We only need to come to understand we are a plurality which can not be denied.
    Then we win.

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