Grenade Hurled At Refugee Shelter As 40% Of Germans Tell Merkel To Resign

On Thursday evening we detailed the dramatic increase in Google search queries for gun permits in Germany. Specifically, since January 1, the number of Germans Googling “gun permits” has risen more than 1,000%.

Meanwhile, sales of non-lethal weapons such as tear gas pistols have skyrocketed, as Germans look to protect themselves against what many see as a hostile foreign invasion.

But while most Germans are (for now) content to counter the perceived threat from hostile migrants with non-lethal arms, at least one citizen on Friday decided to deploy a more deadly weapon in the “battle” to preserve German society: a grenade.

Unknown assailants hurled a hand grenade at a shelter for asylum seekers in southern Germany on Friday but the device did not explode and no one was injured,” AFP reports. “Police in Villingen-Schwenningen said about 20 residents of the shelter were temporarily evacuated but were able to return to their rooms in the early morning hours.”

“Security staff discovered the intact explosive device and notified the police,” a statement from authorities read.

The pin was pulled, but for whatever reason, it didn’t explode. Police later detonated it in a controlled explosion.

Although no one was harmed in this particular attack, it underscores just how precarious the situation has become. Refugees probably thought the days of having grenades lobbed at them were over once they escaped the war-torn Mid-East. They were wrong.

Meanwhile, a new poll by Insa shows just how fed up Germans have become with Berlin’s refugee policy. According to the survey – which was conducted for Focus magazine – 40% of the country believes Angela Merkel should resign.

“The Insa poll for Focus magazine surveyed 2,047 Germans between Jan. 22 to Jan. 25,” Reuters reports. “It was the first time the pollster had asked voters whether Merkel should quit.”


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2 Responses to Grenade Hurled At Refugee Shelter As 40% Of Germans Tell Merkel To Resign

  1. Phil says:

    why hurl grenades at the migrants they needed to hurl the grenade at Merkel and her entire administration that are destroying there country, not only should they hurl grenades at her they must hang her and every law enforcement personnel who stood by her at her insistence on destroying the nation. hang every body in front of the chancellery building and let there stinking bodies rot for the crows to eat, then the people must begin the process of an entire clean sweep of all Muslims in the country including the ones that have been there for some time and if any banker or technocrats get involved hang every one of them also. all elites must be put on notice and there monies commandeered if they don’t observe the new wave of nationalism..

  2. Rich says:

    Europeans waking up too late?

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