GRNC Alert 4-18-12: Skip Stam’s Puppet Must Be DEFEATED!

Remember Skip Stam, the one who cost you lawful storage in your vehicle at work?

Stam has now recruited a former underling: Chad Barefoot, who he is trying to maneuver into the Senate for puppet-like manipulation. Stam wants to control the strings of Barefoot and others to more easily infringe on MORE OF YOUR RIGHTS!  Skip is pitting Barefoot against a strong constitutionalist, Glen Bradley in the campaign forNC Senate District 18. It is CRITICAL to NC gun rights that Chad “The Puppet” Barefoot is DEFEATED by Glen Bradley! Only YOU can make this happen!

GRNC is prepared to assist but we NEED YOU to volunteer to man phone banks, distribute leaflets and man polls. Residents of Chatham, Durham and Lee counties, this is your call to duty!

Fellow “Weasel” Chuck McGrady is vulnerable…

As GRNC President, Paul Valone so clearly documented in his blog last month, McGrady was personally responsible for killing the vehicle storage bill in the NC House. It is time for Chuck to be shown the door. Roger Snyder is just the kind of pro-gun candidate we need to replace him.

Henderson area residents are also called to duty. Volunteer to help rid the NC House of Weasel Chuck McGrady by defeating him andelecting Roger Snyder in House District 117.

Important Election Note…

GRNC candidate evaluations for the full state (529 candidates) will be out tomorrow night. Prepare to mark-up your sample ballot.

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