Handout Zombie Apocalypse

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What happens when there is no more money for welfare?

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3 Responses to Handout Zombie Apocalypse

  1. Emily Disraeli says:

    God help us but we are in deep trouble. I have just finished my study of what is happening around the world and I have crafted a hypothesis of what I believe will be the final outcome of this great country and by extension the world.

    Questions: Why do we have a black president for the first time in our history?
    Why are the powers that be pushing so hard and blatantly open, for such sweeping gun confiscation now?
    Why are we the people being gifted with such free communication, openly, within our own communities and expressing such anti-government sentiment?
    And finally, what is it that the powers that be want?

    Answers: The powers that be want all of us dead “almost all of us dead, they do want a few slaves.”
    Those in power could have been working slowly since 1993 to remove guns
    from the population and with all the propaganda machinery they have, they
    could have had us all thinking it was our idea to do so. No, this has all been
    a psyops, planed from the start. They want all of us to gun up, to scare us
    into buying millions of guns and bullets so that we will be prepared for the killing and that is what it is going the be, a killing.

    When our president “a black man” tells the poor people, the people of color
    and the disenfranchised that it is the white middle class people of this country who are their enemy, are their oppressors and possess everything
    they want and need, I believe the killings will start. The middle class will fight back and with all their superior armament they will decimate the minority population.

    The powers that be will then be forced to call for NATO and the UN to step in and fight a war with this murdering population and with the rest of the worlds support, kill each and everyone of us.

    With this knowledge, what are we to do?

    Emily E. Disraeli

  2. Last logic standing says:

    There is nothing we can do, if your hypothesis is correct. The U.N will send forces in to join with our military to quash a civilian( uprising ) and it will be an internal war of the likes we have never seen in history. A war where every country will se our weakness and in the middle of that conflict will swope in an take everything including our lives . It will defiantly be time for Christ,s return then

    • Emily Disraeli says:

      Thank you for your insightful comment. Next question could be, what shall we do, just be witnesses for Jesus or joint in the fight or can we do both?

      Emily E. Disraeli

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