Here Is One Fact Concerning COVID-19 That Cannot Be Ignored

No one knows the incubation period for COVID-19. The CDC says 14 days is sufficient at which point the US government is releasing people back on the streets.

North Korea has a 30 day incubation period and as Michael Bloomberg would say: “They are farmers” with limited gray matter. The only valid information from which we can extrapolate data is from the Diamond Princess since China will never be truthful on any matter.

So where does that leave us? The Diamond Princess was infected by a previous passenger and the people on that ship now boarded on Jan. 15. Today is February 18 and here is the headline:

Japan Confirms 88 More Cases Aboard ‘Diamond Princess’, Bringing Total To 542 One Day Before Quarantine Set To End

Here is one undeniable fact from the ship:

In the latest indication that the 14-day quarantine simply wasn’t enough to kill the virus, a British couple has tested positive for the virus just one day before Japanese authorities are set to release everybody from quarantine, according to the Guardian.

“David and Sally Abel, a British couple onboard the Diamond Princess cruise liner in Japan, have tested positive for coronavirus, a day before passengers who tested negative were due to start leaving the ship after spending two weeks in quarantine.”

The United States will release infected people into the general population based on the irresponsible actions of the CDC. So the simple question is: why does the government want the elderly and sick to die?

David DeGerolamo

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1 Response to Here Is One Fact Concerning COVID-19 That Cannot Be Ignored

  1. 173dVietVet says:

    Welcome to the KUNG FU FLU !!

    Those who are not Preppers will not last long when self-quarantine of six weeks is mandated.

    And don’t overlook the fact that your city water and sewer system will fail when lowly paid operators get sick or choose to self-quarantine/ care for their families.

    The coming economic collapse will make the deprivations of the Great Depression seem trivial in comparison.

    Buckle up. Pray that our oceans and our generally cleaner habits will help our nation avoid China’s fate.

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