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By:  Biedermann                              H.B. No. 1359



relating to proposing a referendum to the people of the State of Texas on the question of whether this state should leave the United States of America and establish an independent republic.


SECTION 1.  (a)  At the general election to be held November 2, 2021, the voters shall be permitted to vote in a referendum on the question of whether this state should leave the United States of America and establish an independent republic.

(b)  Notice of the election shall be given by inclusion of the proposition in the proclamation by the governor ordering an election on any proposed constitutional amendment to the state constitution and in the notice of that election given by each county judge, or, if no constitutional amendment is proposed, the governor shall order and each county judge shall give notice for an election proposing the referendum required by this section.

(c)  The proposition shall be printed on the ballot above any proposed constitutional amendment under the heading: “Referendum Proposition.”

(d)  The ballot shall be printed to permit voting for or against the proposition:  “Should the legislature of the State of Texas submit a plan for leaving the United States of America and establishing an independent republic?”

(e)  Returns of the votes cast on the proposition shall be prepared and canvassed in the same manner as the returns on a proposed constitutional amendment.

(f)  Immediately after the results of the election are certified by the governor, the secretary of state shall transmit a copy of the certification to the lieutenant governor, the speaker of the house of representatives, and each member of the legislature.

(g)  The referendum proposed under this section is nonbinding on any decision of the legislature following the submission of the report required by Section 2(h) of this Act.

SECTION 2.  (a)  The secretary of state shall immediately transmit a copy of the governor’s certification of the result of the referendum required under Section 1 of this Act to:

(1)  the president of the United States;

(2)  the speaker of the House of Representatives and the president of the Senate of the Congress of the United States; and

(3)  the members of the Texas delegation to the Congress of the United States.

(b)  The Texas Independence Committee is a joint interim committee established to study and make recommendations regarding the most effective and expeditious method by which Texas may be returned to its status as an independent republic.

(c)  The committee shall consider:

(1)  recommendations for amending the Constitution of Texas to accommodate the needs of an independent nation, including:

(A)  the creation of new elected and appointed offices;

(B)  the modification of the powers, functions, and titles of existing offices;

(C)  the renaming of the State of Texas to the Republic of Texas;

(D)  the removal of unnecessary or undesirable provisions that exist solely as a consequence of Texas’ status as a state within the United States of America; and

(E)  the identification of fundamental rights enumerated by the Constitution of the United States of America that may not be adequately preserved in the Constitution of Texas;

(2)  recommendations for amending Texas statutes to accommodate the needs of an independent nation, including:

(A)  the creation of new agencies;

(B)  the modification of the powers, functions, and names of existing agencies; and

(C)  the identification of necessary and desirable functions of government that are provided for under the statutory law of the United States of America but not adequately described in Texas statute;

(3)  recommendations regarding transitional issues which must be negotiated with the government of the United States of America, including:

(A)  any necessary or desirable changes in federal law;

(B)  the determination of citizenship of residents of Texas;

(C)  the disposition of the property and assets of the United States of America currently in Texas;

(D)  a temporary currency union;

(E)  a free trade agreement;

(F)  a common travel agreement;

(G)  the status of Texans currently serving in the armed forces of the United States of America;

(H)  any necessary disposition of the Texas portion of the national debt of the United States of America;

(I)  a collective defense arrangement;

(J)  a postal agreement;

(K)  the payment of pensions to Texans who have vested in the pension programs of the United States of America and its subnational governments;

(L)  a social security totalization agreement; and

(M)  any other transitional issues that the committee may identify; and

(4)  recommendations regarding any international convention or multilateral agreement to which an independent Texas may become a party in order to benefit the people of Texas or ensure minimal disruption during a transition period.

(c)  In addition to considering the issues described under Subsection (b) of this section, the committee shall include within its report required under Subsection (h) of this section a strategy for achieving Texas independence not later than 60 months after the date the results of the referendum election required under Section 1 of this Act are certified by the governor.

(d)  The committee is composed of:

(1)  the lieutenant governor;

(2)  the speaker of the house of representatives;

(3)  four senators appointed by the lieutenant governor, one of whom must be the chair of the senate committee on state affairs; and

(4)  four members of the house of representatives appointed by the speaker of the house of representatives, one of whom must be the chair of the house committee on state affairs.

(e)  The lieutenant governor and speaker of the house of representatives shall serve as co-chairs of the committee.

(f)  The committee shall convene at the call of the co-chairs.

(g)  The committee has all other powers and duties provided to a special or select committee by the rules of the senate and house of representatives, by Subchapter B, Chapter 301, Government Code, and by policies of the senate and house committees on administration.

(h)  Not later than December 31, 2022, the committee shall report the committee’s findings and recommendations to the legislature.

(i)  The committee is abolished and this Act expires January 1, 2023.

SECTION 3.  (a)  Section 2 of this Act takes effect on December 2, 2021, but only if the referendum proposed by the 87th Legislature, Regular Session, 2021, on the question of whether this state should plan to leave the United States of America and establish an independent republic is approved by the voters.  If that referendum is not approved by the voters, Section 2 has no effect.

(b)  Except as provided by Subsection (a) of this section, this Act takes effect September 1, 2021.


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1 month ago

Go Texas Go.

1 month ago

Just a question, but has a bill like this ever been submitted before in Texas?

1 month ago

Ain’t gonna happen. Even if it’s passed, majority of states still need to vote on it to make it official. That’s assuming Uncle Sam would wanna tolerate such an act.

1 month ago
Reply to  Richard

A new state gets voted in, but there is not procedure for secession in the Constitution.

As far as the federal government allowing it, they did not like the idea the last time.

1 month ago
Reply to  Richard

I always find the idea that in order to no longer be part of whatever entity, be it a state, nation, or in the case of the US, an empire that you need the permission of said entity to leave. If people want change and are willing to enact that change at the point of a gun, thryll get that change. Start smashing the families of and things belonging to those think you need their permission, hard enough, and they’ll capitulate damn fast. If Texas declares independence, I guarantee you it would quickly, if not immediately, become a nuclear armed state.

This empire has been lead by idiots who think that their words are power and violence will never be used for far too long. It’s lesson time.

1 month ago

Yee-yee, looks like I might be offering my services to the Lone Star Republic as an auxiliary volunteer from Virginia. Just as Virginians Sam Houston, Steve Austin, and William “Bigfoot” Wallace (direct descendant of the William Wallace) did in the Texas Revolution. God bless Texas and onward to a New America.

Why Virginians Fight in the Civil War, as stated by Stephen Lang portraying Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson before First Manassas in a motivational speech to his famous Stonewall Brigade, in the movie Gods and Generals.

“Men of the Valley, citizen soldiers, I am here at the order of General Robert E Lee, commander of all Virginia forces. On April 15 of this year of our Lord, 1861, Simon Cameron, the Secretary of War of the United States, sent a telegram to our Governor, John Letcher, directing him to raise three regiments of infantry to be sent to assist in suppressing the Southern Confederacy. Governor Letcher’s answer is well known to you but perhaps not his words. His wire to Washington stated: ‘You have chosen to inaugurate civil war. Having done so, we will meet you in a spirit as determined as the Lincoln administration has exhibited towards the South.’ A few days later, the Virginia legislature voted for secession. Just as we would not send any of our soldiers to march in other states and tyrannize other people! So will we never allow the armies of others to march in our state and tyrannize our people! Like many of you, indeed most of you, I’ve always been a Union man. It is not with joy or with a light heart that many of us have welcomed secession. Had our neighbors to the North practiced a less bellicose form of persuasion perhaps this day might not have come. But that day has been thrust upon us, like it was thrust upon our ancestors! The Lincoln administration required us to raise three regiments. Tell them we have done so!”

1 month ago
Reply to  Rifleman1775

1 month ago

Part of the agreement Texas had when it joined the union was that it could leave if it so desired. Expect the commies in Mordor On The Potomac to ignore that agreement and attempt whatever is required to prevent Texas seceding. Civil War 2.0 coming up….. Those in power don’t care how much damage they cause, how many die, what gets destroyed. ALL they care about is being ONE HUNDRED PERCENT in control of everything. They would rather rule over a junk pile then allow America to continue as a functional country that they don’t control.

T Town
T Town
1 month ago
Reply to  Dan

Can you provide reference to the fact that Texas was given the option to leave if it desired? I am only aware of the fact that Texas could split itself into 4 more states if it so desired.

1 month ago

[…] Via my esteemed fellow Renegades. […]

1 month ago

This may be common knowledge, but Texas also has its own completely severable electrical power grid.
There is also a stipulation that Texas flags can be flown at the same elevation as our Nation’s flag. I believe other state’s flags are required to be “subservient” to Old Glory. I may be wrong.
I suspect all it will take will be a single state making legitimate strides toward sovereignty, and we will see what will amount to a resurrection of the Mason-Dixon line. A landslide of States looking for a do-over.
Economics, weapons, fabrication capacity, food production, etc. will once again be slanted, but not the direction they were previously. The “rust belt” will show that much like their “elected” leader, their better days are way behind them.
I fear military repercussions, particularly if President Trump really did sign over limited political control to the Military via the Insurrection (erection?) Act. I believe the Joint Chiefs are largely holdovers from oblo-me’s reign, I also feel that is why there were no efforts to regain control during the build-up prior to the inauguration.
The political justification will be easier to rationalize as the DemonTards race toward the Fascist Utopia they have described as the “new platform” in the USA. If we can’t enjoy the freedoms and rights described in our Bill of Rights, we’ll regain them elsewhere. Claims to “hunt-down and destroy” any Patriots who supported our rightful President are all the justification needed.

-God Loves Liberty!

1 month ago

This could have been avoided if the butt heads on the potomac would follow the Constitution and Rule of Law. However, they have decided otherwise. All I can say is GO TEXAS GO & ask the question, WHO IS NEXT?

1 month ago

As I Texan, I will gladly support and vote for such a measure should it pass both Texas chambers and is signed by the governor. Doubtful there’s enough spine in Austin for that to happen though.

But, if it is put on the ballot and a majority of Texans vote yes, I anticipate other aggrieved states will follow Texas’ lead.

1 month ago
Reply to  J J

Hello, J J

As a fellow proud Texan I absolutely agree. While there are quite a few things Gov. Abbot is “squishy” about, when it comes to dealing with the Fed’s overreach he has been pretty consistent. I feel the same regarding Mr. Paxton. Mr. Patrick, not so much.
I reckon two out of three ain’t bad.
I believe if it progresses to the point of actual negotiations with the Fed’s they will be forced to become a lot less nonchalant. It’s a different game when your state’s gross output is not measured against other states, but other nations.
I can’t help but feel the pipeline cancellation was a poke in our eye as a state. We do pretty well without it, however.
I’m thinking the possible Southern Coalition / Republic will show that “other Country” how to run an election, for sure!

1 month ago

I SERIOUSLY doubt that there’s enough time on the clock. We should ALL study the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and realize how far from the Constitution we have allowed the miscreants in Washington to stray. We abandoned the strict prohibitions of the Const. regarding gold and silver coin ONLY as tender, and we have allowed regular encroachments ever since. Why was not Jimmy Carter HUNG for his treasonous establishment of a federal Department of Education? Why do we have bogus fiat currency? We screwed ourselves when we allowed God and the Bible to be taken out of the schools, and let Planned Parenthood in. Really, what should we have expected??

Truth in Tension
Truth in Tension
1 month ago

The Leviathan that Americans call the federal government has become an empire very similar to the Roman empire. All empires eventually become corrupt, tyrannical and fail. Like all organisms the empire cannot be reformed and it cannot be restored back into a constitutional republic.

I am not sure whether or not Texas will secede, however, Texas is sending a clear message to the empire that they are not happy with the stolen election and the attack on their oil industry.

As more people lose their jobs in the oil patch expect support for The TEXIT movement to grow which is already growing at a rapid pace. Keep in mind, the employees of the suppliers to the oil patch will also lose jobs along with the employees in the oil patch. The attack on the oil industry will be destructive to both the economies of Texas and America. The majority of the people in Texas understand this.

The war of Northern Mercantilist Aggression did not begin with the first hostilities at Fort Sumter, South Carolina, the friction between the Northern Mercantilist States and the Southern States had been increasing for approximately 15 years prior to Fort Sumter.

The collectivist are not driven by logic, they are driven by emotion and their desired to control and own everything and everyone.