How Babylon Is Falling

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4 Responses to How Babylon Is Falling

  1. Thomas Hanna says:

    Time to stop the spiritual distancing. We got the time now.

  2. a follower says:

    Made it to the Monkey in the mirror” Chuckle! Have to head to work. (i am blessed.
    Will continue watching later. it is a pleasure watching Rex, one man on his journey. Pray for all. unceasingly….

    a few, thoughts while listening to Rex, who i do like, and i do enjoy, and i do agree with, very much. He seems to be on the correct journey. imo
    God, also takes away freedom, He chastises, He punishes, He corrects. All out of Love.
    And these indeed are conflicting times. i see the desire to scream about our first amendment rights and the desire to worship together, and yet i also know where the True Church is and is suppose to be. It is where we are, weather it is in prison, or at home or anywhere!
    The hand built churches in this day contain so much that is wrong, it is not funny. There have been prophecies throughout the years that the church, the True church would go underground (so to speak.)
    The churches “our leaders” and their “spiritual advisors” have been pointing to reveal much in this modern church era! Much wrong!
    Read His Word for Him and yourself and others , those around you, each day. Daily bread.

  3. a follower says:


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