How the US State Department Is Funding George Soros’s Takeover of World Governments

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Glenn Beck documented how the US State Department has been working in conjunction with George Soros to destabilize world governments in order to then “rescue” and rebuild them into Socialist countries under their control. He documented how Civil Society 2.0 (see below), USAID and NED working through the State Department and George Soros organized the collapse of Ukraine, rewrote their Constitution and then took control of the new government. This is why the Schiff hearings are taking place: to cover up their illegal actions across the world. This is what President Trump wants to expose as the Deep State. I will post the video separately but the special documented multiple instances of how they are rebuilding Socialist puppet countries. His next special will be in January. Based on his hints, it appears that these same methods are being applied here in the United States with Antifa.

Let me be clear. The US State Department will be exposed for funding and training Antifa cells in the United States to destabilize and collapse the government in conjunction with George Soros. When they succeed, they will implement a new Constitution and remake the United States into a Socialist country to become part of their One World Order. Did you ever wonder why the police have been told to stand down instead of arresting Antifa members? Did you ever wonder why all of the people testifying against the President in the impeachment hearings are members of the State Department? Did you ever wonder why the criminal actions of Hillary Clinton, the DOJ and the FBI have not been prosecuted?

I do not think that we have much time left. As Glenn Beck stated tonight: use the holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas to spend time with your family.

David DeGerolamo


Secretary Clinton Announces Civil Society 2.0 Initiative to Build Capacity of Grassroots Organizations

November 3, 2009

In her remarks today to the Forum for the Future, Secretary Clinton announced Civil Society 2.0, which will help grassroots organizations around the world use digital technology to tell their stories, build their memberships and support bases, and connect to their community of peers around the world.

Building the capacity of grassroots civil society organizations will enable them to do the work that, in the past, Western NGOs and governments have done. With increased capacity, communities are better able to initiate, administer and sustain their own programs and solutions to shared problems.

“Civil Society 2.0” includes the following components:

  1. Deploying a team of experienced technologists to work with civil society organizations around the globe to provide training and support to build their digital capacity. The competencies developed in the trainings will include:
    • How to build a website
    • How to blog
    • How to launch a text messaging campaign
    • How to build an online community
    • How to leverage social networks for a cause
  2. Partnering these technologists with local civil society organizations and governments to develop and implement
    technology-based solutions to local problems.
  3. Publishing interactive “how to” programs and curriculum online to help organizations that do not have access to in-person assistance.
  4. Creating a curated open platform that allows any citizen or company to develop, share or suggest content for the curriculum.
  5. Allocating $5 million in grant funds for pilot programs in the Middle East and North Africa that will bolster the new media and networking capabilities of civil society organizations and promote online learning in the region.

The United States is a strong supporter of civil society around the world. Civil society activists and organizations work to improve the quality of people’s lives and protect their rights, hold leaders accountable to their constituents, shine light on abuses in both the public and private sectors, and advance the rule of law and social justice. They are key partners for progress.

The Forum for the Future is a joint civil society initiative of the countries of the Broader Middle East and North Africa region (BMENA) and the Group of Eight (G8). It brings together leaders from government, civil society and the private sector to exchange ideas and form partnerships to support progress, reform, and expanded opportunities for the people of the region.


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6 Responses to How the US State Department Is Funding George Soros’s Takeover of World Governments

  1. BLACK says:

    Orange man is tied directly to soros, through kushner financial backing. I will be disappointed if Trump/HRC/and everyone else. Doesn’t go down with this.

  2. a follower says:

    Several years ago i took note of something called New Horizon 2020, there was a countdown clock on the page at the time and it seemed ominous.
    Obama was of course heavily involved.
    Here are just 3 links to that system. There are many rabbit holes to explore.

    Yes, and as Black states above, i also believe Trump has been connected to Soros also. This does not mean that Trump is not exposing evil doers and evil deeds, Who better?
    But i do ask myself to what end?
    Have a good day and be grateful for all He provides.

  3. a follower says:

    This was in a comment over at WRSA, i thought it was interesting.
    Trumps address to the 2019 (‘International’ Assoc. Chiefs of Police) in Chicago.
    600 BILLION in equipment?
    Music (Lyrics)during the opening ceremony and then they clapped for the presidents play list.

    • Timothy E. Tucker says:

      Orange man can’t get treasonous DOJ higher-ups arrested, but he can sure get more and better military gear for the local police forces. This is what is known as a wake up call, gentlemen!

    • Doug S says:

      I suppose Trump also realizes no matter who wins this election, there is going to hell on the streets in crap hole cities, more so than now. Hence trying b.c to quell CWII?

  4. Timothy E. Tucker says:

    This post answers the question I have had about why the government just doesn’t go arrest Soros for his nation wrecking financial activities, it all makes sense now. He’s the designated wrecking ball being wielded by an as yet anonymous committee we call the United Nations. Goliath arising to face the Shepherd Boy.

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