Hugh Fitzgerald: Boston Police Commissioner William Evans: “We’re All Muslims Deep Down”

William Evans

“Veterans, troubled by rhetoric, rally support of Muslims” reads the headline to a story in the print edition of today’s Boston Sunday Globe (online yesterday it was “Local veterans hold rally in support of Muslims.”) It described a group, Veterans for Peace, that felt it simply had to stand up on behalf of Muslims in Massachusetts whom, we were told, are feeling terribly put upon because of the “politics of fear” that unscrupulous politicians were using “as a wedge issue and they’re scaring people.” The veterans were there to stand up for Muslims, and among the speakers, the most remarkable one was Police Commissioner William Evans.

He spoke last, and with great feeling. He told the assembled crowd that “We’re all Muslims deep down. We all yearn for peace.” That astounding remark can be read in either of two ways: “it is because we’re all Muslims deep down that we all yearn for peace,” or, in the other conceivable reading, “it is because we all yearn for peace that we’re all Muslims deep down.”

But then what are we — what is Commissioner Evans — to make of all those Muslims who in the past 1350 years have made war on non-Muslims from the Atlantic to the East Indies, spreading Islam by conquering so many different lands, subjugating so many different kinds of Disbelievers, and making life so difficult for them that many, in order not to pay the crushing jizyah or endure other disabilities endured by dhimmis, converted to Islam? What are we to make, today, of the host of Muslim groups — the Muslim Brotherhood, the Taliban, the votaries of the Islamic State, first in Syria and Iraq, and now in Libya and Nigeria, and those less well-known — and of all the fire-breathing imams who from millions of pulpits denounce Disbelievers and remind Believers of their duty to be “harsh and angry” with them and make war on them, and adduce Qur’anic quotes that support that duty? Anything? Nothing?



It is time to consider that this country is too large to support the different ideologies that are regionally based. Do you feel a kinship with Boston? Detroit? Los Angeles? How about Washington, D.C.?

David DeGerolamo

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4 Responses to Hugh Fitzgerald: Boston Police Commissioner William Evans: “We’re All Muslims Deep Down”

  1. S. B. says:

    I left Massachusetts for South Carolina 15+ years ago. Haven’t looked back since.

  2. Tom Angle says:

    I would go for a split. They can choose peaceful or not.

  3. Pointy End Out says:

    I like muslims deep down too….
    About 6′ deep down.

  4. Philip says:

    This idiot of a fool does not believe a word he just said, he is only sucking up to a bunch of radical Islamic ISIS terrorists who have been bused in overnight by the head islamic WHORE who resides in the White House of horrors. Its a city that is infested with welfare migrants from Mexico and other Central/South American Countries as well as terrorists from the middle east. This man is a fool in a cops uniform and should resign as well as the entire city council and there Bolshevik Communist mayor.

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