Hunter Redefines Toeing the Line

James Woods posted the above image on Twitter. Jeffrey Toobin’s 15 minutes of fame are over as is the Biden Crime Family.

David DeGerolamo


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3 Responses to Hunter Redefines Toeing the Line

  1. Eric sutton says:

    So at what point do Secret Service agents stop being law enforcement, and become un-indicted co-conspirators for a continuing criminal enterprise? Providing active security for Hunter Biden’s CCE pretty much flips the canoe. Or do they leave their badges home when providing cover security for criminals? USSS! Time to man up and be professionals once again.

  2. Devonne Clinton says:

    Is Hunter toeing the line? (Powder line) Or lining the toe? (Camel toe).

  3. Gryphon says:

    C’mon, Man! Do you REALLY think any ‘law enforcement agency’ is going to do ANYTHING about this (or all the rest of the [[[kosher]]] pedophilia?) If any of that “Q-Anaon” stuff is True, it is how the child-molesting satanists Control the politicians with drugs and underage prostitutes.

    Nothing, Absolutely Nothing, is going to happen to these creatures.

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