I Believe the Civil War Has Started

The above 4K image can be read by zooming in. Read it and the source tweet for more information on the Nashville bombing. This was a strategic attack against AT&T. Although some of us know that AT&T is part of the enemy force, most people do not realize the extent of their “services”.

Do not underestimate the message sent by this attack.

David DeGerolamo

h/t Tore

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Ann Nonimus
Ann Nonimus
2 months ago

Search images AT&T building nashville, then search Barad-Dur…… humorous coincidence

2 months ago

Are Google, Microsoft and Apple in the crosshairs too?


[…] Found here […]

2 months ago

A FIB false flag in my opinion. Blame the Right Wing Trumpsters, then Puppet Biden=Cameltoe sweeps up the “debris” making the USSA all happy again after 4 years of populist tantrums and pretending about a “fictitious” Deep C_A Deep State.
Now Put your Masks back on, and STFU.

2 months ago

Obvious False Flag is Obvious. While AT&T is another part of the ‘beast system’, the Outages and Inconvenience this will cause to ‘ordinary’ customers plays into the hands of the Propaganda that White/Racist/Nationalist Trump Supporters are Baaaaad.


Remember “The President’s Analyst”? The villain was the evil telephone company, who was spying on everyone.
My Dad, who worked for Ohio Bell, LOVED that movie. Always said that it was more truth than comedy.

2 months ago

Anyone who has been paying attention will notice the same damned names have been coming up again, and again, and again. This time all the way back to that Cerberus and the Council on Foreign Relations. To coin a concept from the great show, Babylon 5 we have a present day Shadow versus Vorlon conflict and we’re the junior races being played.

2 months ago

Wishful thinking, the FBI set this up so they could move in and steal the Dominion servers that ATT and been awarded contract to audit.

tired dog
1 month ago

Right wing whacko anti 5G guy crowned the villain.

Why the ‘no fly’ zone declared?

Inquiring minds want to know but also still wanting to know who killed Kennedy 50 years later.