I See War

Nine Seconds or Die: CBIRF Trains to the Basics Every Day ...
Do you think our soldiers are Communists?

I see war. The latest shot is a biological assault. If you are in a war and have the ability to wear plates, you would be a fool not to give yourself the added protection. In a biological war, you must use the same logic to win. Imagine going to fight a war with a rifle but you refuse to take ammunition. You obviously will lose and impact the integrity of your fellow soldiers. People who are stating that masks are a symbol of oppression, Communism or harmful to your health are useful idiots.

People say that they support the 2nd Amendment meaning the right to bear and buy arms. The other side knows that their victory will be quicker with the limitation or removal of our right to defend ourselves. Firearms are the guarantee of freedom against government. So extend the logic: initiate a biological war and limit the ability of people to defend themselves. No masks, no preventative care, no information concerning the “invisible enemy”.

And the icing on the cake: use propaganda to convince people that masks are not useful.

David DeGerolamo

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9 Responses to I See War

  1. robert orians says:

    I’ve got a whole box of Israeli gas masks down in my fallout shelter . Just because the GMO / genetic manipulation Pandoras box has been opened right along with the nuclear box and there is no turning back . The world ain’t getting any better in the future folks . Read your Bible . Do you hear them crying peace , peace yet ? I didn’t think so . America was the first to use nuclear weapons against a people and we will one day reap what we have sown . Got preps ? Better cancel that new car and get prepped son .

  2. Gary says:

    Mask are only good in certain situations and most definitely not useful in an actual bio war. For that you’ll need real respirators. Face mask are just not that affective. Your argument is wrong your argument should be that we have the freedom and right to decide what is best for us with the available facts and research. It’s called freedom and liberty. I don’t need you or any other man to decide for me what’s best for me. Give me the TRUTH and I can research and figure what’s best for me and my family. https://youtu.be/aSiE-Op8cx0 https://youtu.be/mkrnmGyMeQQ

    • David says:

      You are making too many assumptions. I do not disagree with your statement for which masks will be needed in a biological war. I also agree that it is an individual’s decision on whether or not to wear a mask. I agree that an N95 mask worn correctly (and stored correctly) is the minimum mask to be used for today’s pandemic. I said minimum which means I have better. What I don’t want to hear is people calling me a Communist, Socialist, anti-American or enemy because they feel that they are right and I do not have a choice for wearing a mask based on appropriate conditions. Isn’t that the same argument that you are making? As I wrote yesterday, people are using false information to make their points against wearing a mask. From my perspective, I would not send anyone out in a conflict without the proper equipment if it was available. Again we agree, get the proper equipment and learn how to use it. I see no practical application for a cloth or dust protector mask.

      I posted your two videos. Hopefully people will learn some common sense.

      • Gary says:

        No sir I’m not accusing you of being a communist or any of that. My argument is I’m tired of people thinking they know what’s best for other people. If the TRUTH , FACTS, can b e put out there I’m capable of deciding myself what’s best for me. Freedom, liberty. I did not accuse you of anything I just disagree on mask. N95 your right that’s the very minimum but then that should be for the sick to wear not the healthy. Same for quarantine. I’ve decided to draw the line at the mask. What’s next you’ll be required to get a vaccine? Thanks for posting the video.

        • David says:

          Let me be clear: I did not accuse you of attacking me but that was only a partial list of what I have been called for being proactive when shopping by wearing a mask. I learned in college that vaccines are to be avoided and have no intention of taking a protein based vaccine. While I do not disagree with your right to wear a mask, I do think it is prudent to have access to both masks and respirators. As for the videos, she makes the same points as me concerning low quality masks.

          • Gary says:

            Let me be clear. I don’t wear a mask because of my reasons but I will support you if you want to wear a mask. You have the freedom to wear what ever you want I don’t make fun of anybody that wants to wear a mask. I want to make that clear I would stand up for your right to wear it

  3. Bone Fish says:

    RE: CCP Virus, if you’re not unhealthy and falling apart, get out there like it’s 2019 and develop herd immunity. If after that you test positive, have life threatening symptoms, start the cure protocol they say has over a 90% success rate immediately…

    200mg, 3x daily for 10 days
    500mg, 1X daily for 5 days.
    Zinc Sulfate:
    220mg, 2x daily for 10 days
    Vitamin C:
    5,000mg, 2x daily for 10 days

    Nothing Is Certain
    There Are No Guarantees
    You Are Solely Responsible For Your Decisions

  4. Dr. Lon Schultz says:

    If not doing so already, I encourage every one to take 5000 IU of vitamin D 3 and a C complex @ two to three times the recommend dosages. It won’t hurt and very well might help. Lon

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