I won’t sing the anthem at a place that strips Second Amendment rights: Wolcott

An open letter to the Reno Aces Baseball Club:

I want to first of all say thank you again for this opportunity. It is a true honor and privilege to sing our country’s national anthem as I am a proud citizen of the United States. I truly love singing this song and am passionate about what it represents. Because of this — in light of recent events — I have to inform you I must decline the offer.

My husband and I had tickets to the game against Fresno this past Saturday. To say I was excited would be an understatement. I am an avid baseball lover and a longtime fan of the Reno Aces. I have attended every season and always have a wonderful experience. I was thrilled to be attending a game during opening weekend.

Upon our arrival at the ballpark, we noticed one major change: You are now subjecting your guests to metal detection before entering the stadium. In years past, you have simply required a bag check and nothing more.

The goal is to keep your guests safe, as it is very clear you are searching for weapons. But by taking away their right to self-protection, all you have done is made them more vulnerable to an attack. You have fallen prey to the absurd idea that American citizens need only trust their government for protection. This is indeed a lie and a blatant disregard for our constitutional rights.


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