ICE Scream

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Strident progressive morons (but we repeat ourselves) took to the streets yet again this weekend to demand the abolishment of ICE. Not the kind that tinkles merrily in our glass of scotch when reflecting on current events, but rather the entire US Immigration & Customs Enforcement agency.

The protesters (and their noisy numbers include innumerable celebrities and alleged journalists) have declared that ICE is alternately the Gestapo, a terrorist organization, or the most heinous kidnappers since Bruno Hauptmann snatched the Lindbergh baby.

In other words, the chanting nimrods in the streets want us to stop fighting terror, allow a free flow of drugs and weapons into the country, and allow women and children to be used as sex slaves, in return for which our nation’s borders will essentially cease to exist. And they want this for one very simple reason: they’re idiots.


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1 Response to ICE Scream

  1. Bill says:

    all these idiots must of received there text messages on there free government obama phones to go and riot, this is how the islamic communist terrorist Obama contacts his communist army. The republicans in the congress must stop this program of these obama phones because the islamic terrorist is using them for this cause and since these are mindless drones and receiving all sorts of free benefits then the line must be severed and now.

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