Imagine How Much Easier It Would Be If the Press Were on Our Side

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1 Response to Imagine How Much Easier It Would Be If the Press Were on Our Side

  1. mtnforge says:

    We never needed the press to begin with. In truth the press is a type of policy maker, a self anointed appointed determinator whose goal is always to counterbalance the will and consent of the governed, Republican form of government if you will, for the benefit of the elitists who always are of such a small plurality it’s will and agenda could never be served otherwise. If you look at the history of the press in America it has always held ulterior motives, far too much power to trust, in particular it’s abuse of social engineering.

    Like all things positive the paramount truth underlying everything is it is the dirt people all who have ever effected positive change in this world.

    If the press/media could ever be trusted to represent freedom of speech, according to them,they are the saviors of the 1st Amendment.
    The lies within reveal the hidden truths, the dirt people never have to run and hide behind the Bill of Rights when they need to be protected unlike the press and its elites it represents, who in an instance hide behind the whole constitution to protect themselves from the wrath of the dirt people. Which in effect and reality defeats and negates what the USC is.
    Therefor, it is the preview of the dirt people to show these traitors and usurpers what it is like to not have the protections the USC affords.
    That whole equality of man thing derived from the equality of natural and man made law depends in entirety on the same body of negative law applied equally to all, or there is no law which applies,only the natural rightful liberty to be left the fuck alone or you get a boolit for trespassing on another’s primal God given freedoms.
    It’s to keep us from being fucking savages and cooperating with each other on civilized and common ground.

    The elites, the whole lot of them are nothing but well dressed affluent fucking barbarians who think they are somehow special. The ultimate entitlists. Entitled to rule over the rest of us with impunity and absence of consequences.

    I got news for them. There’s a big old can of whooparse ready to be opened on their worthless arses. It is called cold anger. Cold Anger is what preceded that truth about us dirt people effecting positive change.
    Cold Anger don’t give a flying fuck what anyone or anything thinks says or does about it. It is something nobody or nothing can switch off. Until it decides to.And the size of this plurality trumps, or is that Trump’s any force or entity that exists.

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