When I first got the news in my RSS feed that Pelosi was going to move ahead with impeachment, I was honestly caught off guard. Given how badly the hearings went (despite the MSM parroting otherwise) and how some moderate Dems are jumping ship, I had assumed that they would have compromised with a vote on censure and been done with it. Despite what you and I think of her, Pelosi is an expert at maneuvering in the D.C. Swamp, which is evident given how long she has been at the top of the Democratic party in leadership roles. For her to move forward on such shaky ground is perplexing at best. I generally agree with my good friend JohnyMac and the scenarios that he lays out (if you can’t tell, I still think that scenario 2 is ultimately going to happen).

The other thing I was (and have been for a while) shocked at is how little thought they are giving about unintended consequences. Much like when the Democrats suspended the filibuster for all judicial appointments besides the Supreme Court gave McConnell the justification to remove it for Gorsuch and Kavanaugh, they seem to not care about the possibility that the gross oversteps in power that they are making may come back to bite them again. This, however I can answer: they intend to never lose another election. Whether by eliminating the electoral college, unjust redistricting, importing thousands of foreigners and making them citizens, or wanting to lower the voting age, they intend to make sure that once they seize power back it is for keeps. And when that happens, they fully desire to rain holy hell on those of us who dare to stand in the way of “progress”.

We are moving towards an uncertain future. The brazen actions by the Deep State, the MSM, and the Democrats in Congress are truly astounding. I think that if the Dems manage to somehow seize all three branches in 2020, you can kiss the filibuster in the Senate goodbye. This will allow them to ram any and all legislation through that they want with no recourse from the GOP. If that occures, the reality is TINVOOWOOT – There Is No Voting Our Way Out Of This.

My question to you is this: What are you doing today to make yourself better for tomorrow? I am sick of seeing all of these keyboard warriors on the internet saying “well I can take the gubmint on all day” as they sit their overweight body down on a flat bench with their overpriced Safe Queen AR in a sled on a static range and get off about how tight their groups are. That is not what we need now. We need serious men and women for serious times. We need people who are going to be hitting that PT hard, making the sacrifices needed to store that extra food, water and ammo, and taking the necessary training to make themselves more skilled and more deadly than before. We need people praying that the ship rights itself while preparing for the alternate if it does not.

We don’t need talkers. We need doers.

Tempus Fugit.


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  1. tomnchrist says:

    Yes, but what can we do before that.
    I suggest that all Trump supporters, and Freedom lovers get and wear the 2020 Trump hat every day everywhere. Let him know he is not alone in the battle against the Swamp and wickedness.

  2. Arizona says:

    THE GOVERNMENT CAN’T BE FIXED,you must prepare for war, the ENEMY MILITARY TROOPS ARE HERE WAITING TO ATTACK,even if your blind and stupid, it won’t change a thing your government is gone,and IT ISN’T RETURNING EVER AGAIN,you might want to do as the LORD JESUS told you,get on your knees and start calling his name,REPENT OF YOUR’ll all be meeting him soon,Face to Face…AMERICA will be hit with plagues,one after another,THE US MILITARY INTENDS TO STERIALIZE PLANET EARTH,and they’ll almost succeed….THE CHILDREN die when their exposed to RADIATION beyond certain levels,and NO ONE CARES…but you will soon,your going to lose them all…THE US MILITARY plan to nuke their own country,its that or go to prison…WHEN you see them sink the aircraft carrier”ABRAHAM LINCOLN” its on….That will have been your last day to get ready,THEN NUCLEAR WAR,it’ll be blamed on little rocketman..

  3. William Palmer says:

    While I hear and understand the picture painted in Rhinier’s article, my simple question to you’ll is this: Who do you really believe is in charge of our nation and indeed the world? Yes, there are coming days when, our nation and our world will be nigh-on destroyed, by plague, by cataclysmic events on earth and in the heavens and we will be ruled by a leader who rises to control all peoples in this world. Fight it as we may and will, but the victory will not be won…… us. This world leader, along with all of his ardent supporters will be overthrown, not by us or any resistance force to which we might align, but by the one who will supernaturally intervene. The fact is Jesus Christ has already won the victory and it is He who will depose the evil world leader and all of his supporters, both physical and spiritual and establish His rule and reign.

    In the meantime our very best preparation for what lies ahead is to draw close to Jesus and listen to His voice as to how He wants us to prepare for coming events. Despite what lies before us as described above Jesus is the one in control and it is He who will activate His chosen ones to prepare for battle. Recognize too, that the battle is not just physical, it is against powers and principalities of the unseen world. If you or I are going to fight, there is the starting place for battle. To fail to recognize that, is to make the mistake that you are in control of what is looming on the horizon. Yours and my safety and security is, in fact, not a part of a militia allegiance, stored supplies, survival skills, a bunker underground or a camouflaged home in a remote location, rather it is in relationship with Jesus Christ, who is the one in charge of this world and us as individuals.

    Yours and my best preparation is to be sure we know who has already won the victory and to be in prayer about how He wants us to act (and action is required) whether it is in prayer or to stand up for what is right, run for office or lend a helping hand to someone in need. Know this too, if the Lord had not intervened already in our Presidential election and for the past 3+ years, soon to be at least a total of 8, we would already be at war and the pestilence as well as the predicted cataclysms in the heavens and on the earth would be upon us. The reprieve we are now experiencing is time for more people to come to know Jesus Christ. We have this interlude of time, because of the prayers of many for repentance and because the Lord wishes to use the people of this nation to bless many others in this world.

    Regarding the opposition to our President, “house cleaning” is necessary; it is messy, it is disparaging at times, it seems to take longer than we might wish, it is divisive and has the appearance of destroying the nation we love. But take heart, the Lord who gave us this nation and the current pause in time, knows what had to be done to right this nation (for however long He chooses to use us), and above all is in control of our President (in fact it is He who appointed him for this time), this nation, its people and its purpose.

  4. TheTruthBurns says:

    1st Step in Guerilla War -- Kill All Traitors to the US starting with Congress, CIA, FBI & other branches then move on to Bombing HQs of All MSM outlets & then Targeting All Commie CEOs Starting with Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Amazon, etc. No Excuses Kill A these Demonic Motherfuckers.

  5. Jay says:

    Proceed with caution, repentance, obedience to Gods Word and with wisdom.
    You will win far more victories with prayer than any other resource.

  6. a follower says:

    What ‘you’ seem to want is the doers to blow their own horns. And you seem to have a need or a want for their names.
    yes i am beginning to question your motives.
    You also seem to think you are in a position to Judge others without knowing them.

    • a follower says:
      One of the commentors mentioned the movie “The Road.” This is an excellent movie and one of my favorites.
      Those who are called to prepare will.
      1.Will it be enough?
      2.Are we all preparing in the exact same way? Should they be?
      3.Will we all survive?
      If we do not, does that make us less or wanting? In His eyes?
      In His eyes how do we see the world? Do we see the potential loss as He does?
      i saw a couple in the store this morning that (to me) were preparing. i saw the things they were buying and recognized what they were doing. i did not speak to them yet i recognized them, and took heart and hope.

  7. Rabbi Will says:

    Great post wes. . And great comments guys.

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