Is this a revolution?

Last night, a veteran friend and I were talking about our takes on the protests and riots.

Is this a civil war? A revolution? A rebellion or insurrection?

My initial assessment is that this actually is a revolution, in the sense of the Maidan or Tahrir Square, where organizers attempt to foment a popular uprising against the government.

Maidan, of course, was Ukraine’s 2014 revolution. Tahrir Square, Egypt’s during the 2011 Arab Spring. In both cases, mass protests and violence eventually succeeded in forcing the resignation of the countries’ leaders. There were other cases, too: Puerto Rico, South Korea, Spain, Iceland, and Finland each had their own bouts of widespread protests that led to political change.

All the way back in 2017, which now seems like 20 years ago, a U.S.-based militant socialist web magazine began promoting the idea of mass protests and small scale direct action as a means to bait President Trump into cracking down on Leftists nationwide.

The anticipated iron fist reaction would rally support for the Leftist cause, the authors explained, and expand the class conflict against capitalism and the state.

Since then, the idea of mass mobilization has become regular fare for both liberal and leftist think-pieces.

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  1. GenEarly says:

    Soros (NWO Others) created the Revolutions in Ukraine and Egypt…. but Both have had Counter Revolutions, or perhaps Ongoing Sedition.
    The Entire “Arab Spring”, and Our Own Leftist Subversion since the 60’s is Created For and By the NWO Elitists, imo.
    Repub and democRat sElected Politicians seem to be Controlled by the MSM which in turn is owned by just a Few with Globalist Pogroms.
    It does seem We are on the Precipice of Something We Dare Not FULLY Envision because of it’s Inherent EVIL.

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