Israel Asks the United Nations to Take Action Against Iran

Israel has asked the United Nations to take action against Iran before they are capable of building a nuclear weapon. There is no question which country would be the first target of an Iranian nuclear attack.

Palestinian religious leader Muhammad Hussein in a sermon broadcast on television last week told believers that killing Jews was “a sacred goal for Muslims.”

The world leaders have a difficult choice to make. Do they allow Iran to build nuclear weapons which in their minds “might” be used against Israel or do they make a preemptive strike now? In reality, a preemptive strike would be comprised of a series of bunker busting bombs over a large number of targets. This strike would probably be the catalyst for World War III.

The reality is that George Bush should have let Israel take action in the summer of 2008. Whether his decision to block Israel’s attack on Iran was based on the upcoming election or personal beliefs, he just kicked the can down the road. Well the can is up against a wall and the decision must be made shortly.

Iran is also up against a wall. Their economy is dependent on oil revenues based on a minimum of $80/barrel. With no oil revenue coming in due to economic sanctions, their choices are limited. They either have to go to war along with their allies (Russia, Syria, Cuba and Venezuela at a minimum) or they can wait for an economic collapse leading to an internal revolution.

David DeGerolamo

Israel to United Nations: Take action against Iran

Israel’s Ambassador to the UN Ron Prosor: Never has it been so clear that Iran is seeking to build a nuclear weapon; Israeli diplomat also rebukes Jerusalem mufti for reciting hadith calling “killing Jews” a “sacred goal.”

Iran is the single greatest threat to the world and the United Nations needs to take action against it immediately, Prosor told the Security Council in New York on Tuesday.

“Never has it been so clear Iran is seeking to build a nuclear weapon,” said Prosor speaking at a regular meeting debating the “situation in the Middle East and the Palestinians question.”

“Now is the time to act. Tomorrow is too late. The stakes are too high. The price of inaction is too great,” he said.

Prosor cited the last International Atomic Energy Agency report saying it proved beyond all doubt that the Islamic Republic sought to obtain nuclear weapons. He said Tehran’s efforts to enrich uranium to 20 percent-levels at its reactor in Qom could serve no other plausible aim other than to develop an atomic bomb.

The Israeli diplomat also rebuked Palestinian religious leader Muhammad Hussein who in a sermon broadcast on television last week told believers that killing Jews was “a sacred goal for Muslims.”

“His comments were deeply disturbing,” said Prosor. “But what was even more disturbing is that no one from the Palestinian Leadership stood up and condemned his comments, denounced his actions or dissociated themselves from his message.”


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