It is time for the first step to restore the Constitution

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The 92 Syrians killed by the Assad regime will become the rallying point for Western intervention in yet another war or kinetic action. The truth is that there never was a UN ceasefire. Like Iran, Syria talks and the West appeases. This is not a call for war; although war will be the convenient excuse to misdirect our attention from an EU (and then US) economic collapse. The truth is that Syria knows that whatever they do, Putin will back them up militarily. The same reasoning applies to Iran. If Putin is the key to the Middle East, why is Obama not concentrating on the root cause? Or is he waiting to be reelected in order to have more flexibility?

We have to consider the possibilities that:

1. The president of the United States has no interest in the Middle East other than to establish a Muslim caliphate.

2. The president has every reason to appease Putin as a fellow Communist as he was taught by his childhood mentor, Frank Marshall Davis.

3. The president has placed Islam over Israel.

4. The president has made the United States a “paper tiger” in the world’s eye.

5. Congress, the Supreme Court and the US military are not going to save our nation.

Item number five needs to be further explained. As the UN, the US Congress has been rendered impotent by individual greed, partisan politics and the administration. Obama’s plan to bypass Congress and the Constitution went unchallenged by both Congress and the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court is more concerned with prestige than power. Proof? Eric Holder’s mismanagement of the Department of Justice. We now live in a country “without rule of law” (WROL). Any country which does not (or will not) enforce its laws is only a precursor to tyranny or revolution. Our military generals and admirals have sworn allegiance to the commander-in-chief. However, the more important points are the politics, power and money that these military leaders are enjoying or constrained by. What does a retired military leader do? They start (or work for) a military subcontractor where their monetary spoils are used to purchase Plan B estates outside of the United States. This Ayn Rand scenario as outlined in Atlas Shrugged is also the same strategy as the “leaders” in Washington. If Plan A works, they will enjoy even more power under a dictatorship. If Plan A fails and the people restore Liberty and the Constitution, Plan B is also a great life. What did you think a $5 trillion deficit last year was buying besides votes?

So where does that leave the People? If the Constitution is not being obeyed by our government, it is up to the former soldiers who have sworn an oath to uphold the Constitution to take action. Your oath and sacred honor dictate it. Your country is calling for you to save it. It is time for the first step to restore the Constitution. Or do we want our children to be shown in movies like below?

David DeGerolamo

United Nations ceasefire in tatters after 92 killed in Syrian violence

Calls for Western military action against Syria intensified on Saturday after grisly footage of the bodies of children killed in fresh violence laid bare the failure of the United Nations-brokered peace plan.

In one of the bloodiest incidents to date in the 15-month long uprising, 92 people were killed after a 12-hour regime assault on Houla, in the central province of Homs.

Anti-government activists claimed that troops had first shelled several villages and then sent in gangs of pro-regime thugs to “massacre” local families in their houses.

Amateur videos released on YouTube showed footage of the mangled bodies of 14 child victims lying in rows in a makeshift morgue set up at a local mosque.

In one horrific scene, a man held up the limp corpse of a boy aged around seven years old, a gaping hole where the child’s nose and mouth should have been. “This child, what did he do to deserve this?” he screamed.

Unarmed UN monitors, who had reportedly been prevented from visiting the area on Friday because of the fighting, were reduced to documenting the attack’s horrific aftermath when they finally reached the scene on Saturday afternoon.


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  1. Michael Downing says:

    The Constitution has long since been reduced to historical irrelevance. It has been used and abused for one special interest or another but not obeyed for decades and decades, There is no Union to save as Lincoln destroyed what he is historically seen as saving. Add to your list of five above that the president has subjugated what is left of our republic’s sovereignty to the UN and if he does not roll over and let the UN run our foreign affairs then you will find that we are going to see a Middle Eastern conflict of global proportions and the Conservative war hawks will lick their lips and wring their hands with glee and join him in support of our world wide quest to spread democracy. If Obama is beaten then Romney is even more likely to send us into Middle Eastern Armageddon with McCain, Santorum and Joe Lieberman urging him on. So here we are and have no way to stop what may well be coming. No matter who wins this fall if we make it that far we can certainly expect more restrictions on what few remaining freedoms and liberties that we still have. Heck a majority of the population will welcome more restrictions in the name of security. I do not believe that we can stop our descent into tyranny but as one who first took his oath back in 1971 I will not go quietly into the night. Keep up the good work David…

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