It Never Was About Protecting Hillary Clinton

The Russian collusion investigation was an insurance policy to deflect scrutiny away from the felonies committed by Hillary Clinton. However, the reason this was “tolerated” was to protect Obama from being prosecuted in his role in what many will consider to be treason.

As this story unfolds (and it is unfolding), the players complicit in this coup against the President will initiate consequences which could unravel the fabric of the Republic. A wise man once taught me not to to be concerned with issues or events upon which I have no power to change. At this time, we must consider how these impending events will impact our lives. Everyone loves to take down the man at the top. Or the country. If this country is weakened or destroyed by a Deep State power play, the sharks will be circling the blood in the water. And that will impact our lives.

David DeGerolamo

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