Joe Biden is GONE…

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1 day ago

Joe is just a tool that the men behind the curtain are allowing us to see. He’s too stupid to know he is stupid. Just like Obama he doesn’t have an original thought in his head and he can’t speak without a teleprompter and he still fucks it up. If we are ever gonna kill the snake then we have to first identify the people behind the curtain who write the scripts for China Joe to follow. Since he is the public face we all see, most people think if we get rid of Joe all of the problems go away. Not so fast there, second in line is Camel Toe Harris. She doesn’t have any original thoughts either. We need to destroy the machine that is propping these people up. The real power is not wielded by the public faces but is in fact wielded by the tyrants behind the curtain who give the public figures their talking points to be consumed by the sheeple and useful idiots who support this draconian nightmare.