Joint Chiefs Tell You to Kiss Biden’s Feet

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21 Responses to Joint Chiefs Tell You to Kiss Biden’s Feet

  1. 173dVietVet says:

    The Chinese will put these clowns on the first bus to the abattoir….

  2. MeRowsh says:

    What a shame! These generals have no honor and integrity. They been bought. Bunch of selfish self centered butt-holes. Are they blind to see that the election was stolen from rightful people?
    As a retired US Army soldier, I declare that they are enemy of our constitution and the STATE.
    Hope to see they pay the price.

  3. zaad6 says:

    We the people have really made a mess of this beautiful country due to selfishness and lack of honor and integrity.
    It is all WE THE PEOPLE’s fault. People refused to talk politics to each other and inform each other because they bought the BS of not offending anyone in their circle of family and friends. And the news agencies had a free run of brainwashing the people.
    These generals are disgrace. No honor, no integrity! Bunch of selfish lambs. Where are true Americans?

  4. Jack says:

    Over paid underworked Traitors.
    Funny they feel the need to send this to the underlings.

  5. Sanders says:

    As I saw someone point out last night, not a single member of the Joint Chiefs is part of the the order of succession Trump put out last month. Does it mean anything? I don’t know. Just seems interesting…

  6. Red in OleVirginny says:

    Not to provide any false hope but I’d like to point out:
    Joint Chiefs answer to SecDef
    It’s not Jan 20th yet
    Best Regards,
    Red in OleVirginny

  7. Dave Churbuck says:

    Could it possibly be that they are really going to do something ELSE Very Special ? Jus Sayin.
    Sometimes you jus don’t tell people your Gonna drop by.

  8. Matt says:

    I have been told that by the time one reaches the rank of Colonel (or equivalent) that you’re pretty much a career politician at that point.

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    Paul in Boston said…
    Joe Texan: Wiping out a datacenter doesn’t matter much in the scheme of things. Andrew Carnegie, founder of US Steel, in his day was the richest man in America, even richer than John D. Rockefeller. He once said, “Take away my factories and I’ll have it all back in five years, take away my people and I’ll have nothing.” The real issue is the New York news media, the NYT, the Associated Press, and all the network news operations. It’s been pointed out that without their influence, the politics of the US would be about the same as the politics of West Texas. The real program over the next several years should be to embarrass, humiliate, and generally ruin the lives of the newspaper and network news operatives from the top executives and anchors down to the lowest trainee reporter. Make the national news operation of the NYT, ABC, CBS, all the rest a financial anchor that will take down the entire network unless it’s thrown overboard. They can keep the entertainment stuff, it’s the news that’s poison. Once that’s done the Democrat Party no longer has a megaphone to send out and amplify its message.

    January 12, 2021 at 10:43 AM

  11. Stealth Spaniel says:

    Say the Names. Take the Names. And remember them. Know where they are, what they do, and what the embrace. We are in for a full blown shXX storm.

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  13. Larry johnson says:

    Actually, the actions of the communist democrat blmantifa pogues in DC was directly in line with the Rule of Law. It was 180 out from the current U.S. process function called- The Rule of CONSTITUTIONAL Law. RoL is mob rule, elitist crap. RoCL is of the people, by the people, for the people. Some idiotic misdirect as calling the U.S. a democracy, instead of the factual, Representative Republic. You will notice that the pledge of allegiance is- to the Republic for which it stands- and for good reason, has no mention of communist democracy.

  14. Jaime craig says:

    So the communist democrat generals, et all. Come out of the closet. Since they work for Trump, and we the people, at the time of the posting. They publicly denounce their oath of office. They have quit their jobs, as this is effectively, a letter of resignation to their boss. Truly amazing that so many military officers are “owned” by the communist democrats.

  15. Eric says:

    I bet the CoS of the USCG is pissed he’s still stuck in the DOT and missed another opportunity to sign a letter with the big dogs…

  16. joe blow says:

    Ditto what stealth spaniel said.
    8 more viable targets just got added to the list for rule 308.

  17. Red in OleVirginny says:

    SOCOM reports to SecDef since November 2020. That’s a lot of whoop ass in one place.
    A change made after the election “loss.”
    Bypasses Chiefs of Staff and every other political general.

    Best Regards,
    Red in OleVirginny

  18. Mike says:

    I do not believe the bureaucrats are a good representation of our military they are politician. Screw them.

  19. Capitalist Eric says:

    That these turds feel the need to write this BS says a lot.

    They’re obviously worried.

    They SHOULD be. Fireworks are gonna start next week.

  20. T Johnson says:

    Where is the date and memorandum number? Every official memo always had a date submitted and a memo number. Beware possible photoshop.

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