Jon Voight urges Americans to ‘fight now for Trump’s victory’

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1 Response to Jon Voight urges Americans to ‘fight now for Trump’s victory’

  1. bob Harkins says:

    Well at least, he knows what and who we are fighting the what is EVIL,and the WHO is SATAN. I always thought that it would be my children or grandchildren that would have to face this End Times fight, WHEW!I I was wrong,wrong, wrong. Now is the time,I know it’s not went Hot,yet but it is just a matter of time until it does. I’m so sick of this Evil and Perversion of America today, That most of the time,I’m on my soap box preaching let’s get it on,I can’t take this no longer, But when I get cool down,I’m praying O’ Lord Not Yet,Give us a few more days to get our love ones in. Judgement Has Come upon our Land,From the Throne of God. Our Fight is a Holy fight,we will be fighting for the right to exist as a God fearing people our forefathers fought and died for our country, their forefathers were Led by God from Israel thru many different lands to arrive here, This is our Land,Given to us by God. And by the Power of the Lord God Almighty we will wipe this Evil off the face of the earth, ESAU shall be as Stubble of the field,and the House of Joseph SHALL be a FLAME,and consume them,NOT ONE,SHALL BE LEFT.

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