Killing Free Speech

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2 Responses to Killing Free Speech

  1. Exring says:

    I have watched the entire presentation and I believe that all Americans that wish to be “FREE” watch and understand what is taking place. Whether “We the People” wish to accept it or not, our entire Democratic Republic is seriously at risk and OUR putting our fingers in our ears and saying, “nah, nah, nah” will not make this go away. Those of the United States of America that continue to want to be FREE, must participate. We have had the chance at the Ballot Box and Pres. Trump was a “Last Hope”. Stop listening to the Propaganda and begin to understand the gravity of the situation. NO BULLY has ever been stopped by “turning the other cheek”. These people are BULLIES and at some point we either “stand up” or be stomped into the deck. All should try to help change one persons mind… Develope more “Community”… Get to know your neighbors… (The “Fly Over French” had a built in uniform, The Yellow Vest, maybe we should get uniformed up with a MAGA Hat and shirt. If we DO NOTHING, God help us.

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