Killing Them is Killing Us, by Robert Gore

The murdered cannot forgive. Their blood won’t be washed.

There is something eerily fascinating about cold-blooded murderers—a staple of Hollywood thrillers and crime dramas—killing without emotion or remorse. Ordinary humans, afflicted with guilt for minor, not even criminal transgressions, can’t conceive of pulling the trigger and then sitting down for dinner. In real life, the number of people who can is glancingly small. Even for those few, actions have consequences. The blood never washes away.

“Live and let live,” is, in American mythology, a benevolent and almost uniquely American attitude. We destroyed Japan and Germany in World War II and then helped rebuild them. Live and let live goes down well with the living, the winners. However, it’s often nothing more than balm for an uneasy conscience, hand sanitizer for bloodstained hands. A century and a half later, many Southerners lack this “unique” American attitude towards their conquerers in the War of Northern Aggression.


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4 Responses to Killing Them is Killing Us, by Robert Gore

  1. Bill Wallace says:

    This is without doubt the most cringe inducing, steaming pile of horse manure I have ever read. The author has seen combat in his sandbox at Vassar and no doubt is a transsexual.

    • a follower says:

      Instead of calling names can you point to one issue that you disagree with, and why?
      i have not yet read all of this article. Does the theme of forgiveness appear?

  2. Norseman says:

    Thought provoking read it challenges the mind and makes one wonder just how his fellow countrymen can be so blind

  3. Robin says:

    Mr. Gore is obviously a person who both thinks and feels and no doubt is a Christian as well. A real Christian as in “follower of Christ” not the dime a dozen hypo-christian type that have destroyed the message of Christ, the church and the country. If the US was populated with people of his caliber we would have little to worry about in terms of our place in the world.

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