KrisAnne Hall: Voting Is Not How You Preserve Liberty

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1 Response to KrisAnne Hall: Voting Is Not How You Preserve Liberty

  1. Rich says:

    but never forget………

    Election Fraud Time Again..But 50 million illegals occupy the USA -- dont but into the MEDIA LIE of Only 11-12 MILLION..
    You who follow these columns may recall that, a couple of weeks ago, I fearlessly predicted that Hillary would win the 2016 presidential election. Do I think she is the best qualified candidate? Of course not. But her ace in the hole: voter fraud.

    But we are only getting started: Just throw in:

    Electronic vote tabulation.
    Voter intimidation at the polling place — remember the Black Panthers?
    Multiple registrations in two or more states.
    U.S. Supreme Court blocking states from requiring proof of citizenship for voters in federal elections. Election officials can ask, but they cannot require proof.
    Same day registration and voting.
    On-line voting.
    ACORN style of swamping the Election Offices at the last minute with the signatures of thousands requesting voter registration, many of which are fraudulent, but not enough time to investigate before Election Day. So, often, they are just passed on through.
    Voting outside the precinct of residence.
    Universal voter registration.
    Felon voting. (And where was our President last week? The first ever to visit a federal prison, where he commuted the sentences of 64 felons.)
    Election by popular vote, giving more weight to big city voters.
    IRS targeting of conservatives, and conservative political organizations.
    Even Muslim nations require positive IDs for voting.


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