Let History Huzzah for South Carolina

Yesterday’s votes for debt ceiling legislation showed America which representatives and senators are willing to make the hard choices to solve our nation’s addiction to spending. Most politicians voted along party lines knowing that the legislation was not a solution but another band-aid to the debt crisis.

I wrote an article outlining the twenty-two Republican Congressmen who stood up and drew the land in the sand to vote against Boehner’s plan. After the Senate voted to defeat this legislation as previously guaranteed by both Harry Reid and Obama, another point needs to be made concerning South Carolina.

South Carolina has six Representatives and two Senators representing its interest in Congress. Only James Clyburn is a Democrat: the remaining seven are Republicans. These seven Congressmen deserve a resounding “Huzzah” for standing strong and voting against the GOP leadership in this matter. It appears that South Carolina is once again showing the rest of the country that states’ right and our future independence are their most paramount concern.

How did North Carolina Republican Congressmen vote? They also voted unanimously to support the Republican Party instead of standing up for principles and solutions.

The term “Huzzah” is rarely used today but was in common use during the Revolution. Here is part of the account when Cornwallis surrended to Washinton effectively ending the Revolution:

When a British officer finally appeared with a white flag on the parapet surrounding Yorktown, the French and American guns fell quiet. The Continental forces let go a momentous cheer until Washington ordered it silenced.

“Let history huzzah for you,” Washington was heard to shout.

Let history huzzah for South Carolina

Mick Mulvaney   Tim Scott   Jeff Duncan   Trey Gowdy   Joe Wilson – SC Representatives

Jim DeMint   Lindsay Graham – SC Senators

Let us hope that North Carolina’s Representatives will place honor above party after the next election.

David DeGerolamo


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2 Responses to Let History Huzzah for South Carolina

  1. Dagny says:

    I have seen honor in the NC congress by only one man thus far -- Glen Bradley. He has done what he promised during his campaign and has been stymied every step he takes. For the first time in over 100 years the Republicans had a chance to make a difference but have shown they were not the right people to be in office at such a precipice time. It may be too late to hope on the next election.

  2. Randy Dye says:

    Ditto on that Dagny!!

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