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Dear Editor:

I find it mystifying that former senator Doug Berger (D) is obsessed with our We the People-Franklin Co Patriots group reading of the US Constitution. He sees a contradiction in my explaining why we elected not to read any amendments other than the original 10 and Roger Lytle expressing his view that the 17th should be repealed. The fact that it does need to be repealed, has absolutely nothing to do with our reading, period. That is another issue. Yes, the 17th amendment was implemented by Woodrow Wilson (D) a known racist and Progressive (Socialist) in order to change the balance of power the founders very carefully crafted. It reduced the states power, and gave more power to the executive branch. It is amusing to be lectured by a former (?) member of the Communist Democratic Socialists of America on the Constitution and the republic form of government versus the democratic form.

As to my statements after the 2012 election, I was referring to our national election, not local, where there was very little attempted fraud. What was attempted was stopped. The national election was fraught with fraud: electronic voting machines that would not register a vote for Romney and switched it to Obama, no matter how many times the voter tried, that never registered an Obama vote as a vote for Romney. The precincts that strangely went 100% for Obama – a statistical impossibility, and precincts with say 450 people registered to vote and “somehow” 650 people voted, largely for Obama The usual voting by dead people, convicted felons, the legally mentally incompetent, and voters using another registered voters name and address’s, all because there was no law in place asking the voter to prove their legal identity, as we have to do in so many other areas of our lives, happened in the 2012 and many previous elections. How anyone can defend the corruption of fair and legal voting is beyond me, but that is exactly what the democrat party is fighting for – the right to inject fraud and intimidation into our elections. Once and for all, the tea party did not come about to suppress voting, no matter how much Sen. Berger wants to say it. TEA stands for Taxed Enough Already. The charge by progressives that the tea party is racist are absurd – I have been to many, many tea party rallies, in NC and Washington DC, and have heard many wonderful black conservatives speak the truth. Go tell Mr. Clarence Henderson, who was one of the four young black men who sat at the Woolworth lunch counter in protest in the 1960’s, who spoke at a rally I helped organize in Raleigh to thank our republican legislature, that he is a racist. Mr. Bill Randall also spoke at that rally and others, and I supported Bill in his run for the U.S. House of Rep’s by hosting a fund raiser for him in our home. We also hosted a fund raiser for Renee Ellmers – I guess that proves conservative tea party types are sexist and racist.

No, I do not have any respect for a party that has such a horrific history of support for the practice and expansion of slavery, voter suppression (the democrats enacted the Black Codes AKA Jim Crow laws specifically to keep blacks from voting) created the poll tax to keep the poor from voting, formed the KKK to terrorize and murder blacks who dared to vote and the white republicans who fought for their right to vote, own guns, go to school, own property – these are all God given rights our Constitution is intended to protect. I cannot respect the mass relocation and murder of the Native American Indians, thank you Andrew Jackson (D). I cannot respect hard left politicians who run as conservatives in order to gain votes, then govern completely opposite of how they ran. J.F Kennedy was an exception here – he governed as he ran – conservatively. I cannot respect a party well known for corruption and cheating in elections. Once again, just to be clear, the republican party was created largely by abolitionists in 1854 intent on stopping the spread of slavery into the new western states, and to end the deplorable practice of slavery in this country once and for all. They succeeded. I find it very interesting that Sen. Berger does not address any of the facts I stated in my last letter as to the enormous support republicans gave, and the lack of support the democrats gave, to the amendments freeing the slaves, confirming their rights to vote, and women’s right to vote. Progressives love to give the democrat party credit for President Johnson passing civil rights legislation in the 1960’s, when the truth is it was created and passed first by the republican majority in congress, pushing LBJ into signing a law he never liked. I know many registered democrats who have never and would never condone this behavior, who are even more conservative than I am. It is time they understand what the party has stood for, and what it now stands for, and have the courage to leave it. There is a third option – being an independent.

Sen. Berger’s imaginary leap in assuming that I felt more women and blacks voted early and must be stopped is beyond absurd. I find in truly insulting. What the new state rules on voting do is assure voters that their vote will count. Every state that has enacted stricter voting rules have seen an uptick in minority voting. Any right thinking person wants ALL legal registered voters to vote – period. We also want them to be informed about current issues and know history, something the left actively suppresses and changes. I urge all to read Col. Allen West’s article on getting off the Democrat Plantation. I believe Thomas Sowell has also spoken about the concerted efforts by democrats, mainly F.D Roosevelt and L.B. Johnson, to enact legislation that worked to destroy the family structure of poor families, mainly welfare checks ALA The Great Society act by Johnson, going to single mothers who were poor, but not married women. This resulted in now generations of children who have little to no relationship to their fathers – a terrible tragedy for all. As columnist Arnold Ahlert stated, “It is precisely the maintenance of dependency, rather than the liberation from it, that forms the heart of Progressive policy making”. And before Sen. Berger makes the very racist leap that I mean only black families, I do not – the modern democrat party seeks to keep all their voters on the plantation, regardless of skin color. I find the party’s tactic of destroying what makes America and our people great by of robbing our people of their pride and self esteem that comes from earning and achieving, of promoting the destruction of the family for their own political power, despicable. I find the lefts portrayal of anyone but a white male being so inept that they cannot figure out how to get a legal ID card or drivers license truly insulting. That is the essence of soft racism/sexism.

On the debate on our country being founded as a republic or a democracy, we are….or were, a republic. No, a democracy is not the worst form of government – far worse is tyranny, dictatorship, monarchy, or an oligarchy, which we seem to be lurching toward. There are good elements of democracy in our republic. Historically, we were referred to largely, but not exclusively, as a republic. That changed with the presidency of Woodrow Wilson (D) who had a big government authoritarian view, and deliberately began calling our system a democracy. No form of government is perfect, something our founders knew well, hence the protections to our God given, not government given, rights they sought to protect in our Constitution.

One of our founders put it very well: “Republics are created by the virtue, public spirit, and intelligence of the citizens. They fall, when the wise are banished from the public councils, because they dare to be honest, and the profligate are rewarded, because they flatter the people, in order to betray them”. Joseph Story, 1833

Dee Sams, Franklinton NC

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