Living in the South by the Grace of God

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5 Responses to Living in the South by the Grace of God

  1. Bill says:

    Could very well be we are truly heading this way and very soon. this is only happening due to our sick and mentally ill leaders in Washington DC along with the sick and mentally ill run sanctuary cities across our nation, I believe the number is now up to 500 cities and there city councils and Mayors who will not turn over there illegal aliens to ice., these communist Marxists who run these cities at some point must be arrested and hanged for treason and sedition.

    • Tom Angle says:

      It is only happening because the People allow it. The leaders in this country only do what they are allowed to do. The People have all the tools needed to fix all the problems.

      • Bill says:

        Tom, If this does not get fixed soon, and I men soon, these terrorists will be coming to a small town where many of us live. we will have no choice but to go after these terrorists in our towns. Our treasonous government continues to this very day with this insane madness using the U.N. to bring these diseased ridden and deadly people to our nation in the middle of the night. While they are getting off the planes our bureaucracy is giving them American passports, social security cards and cash benefits, they also receive SS disability benefits immediatley, all at the expense of the American Citizenry and taxpayers. After this, the diseased ridden scum of the earth from Sub Saharan Africa and the middle east( with there advanced syphilis, Advanced gonorrhea,, Advanced TB, leopresy, Chagis disease and killer monkey diseases, all incurable by today’s medical standards) are driven to small towns across our nation. and dropped off without the states law enforcement as well as Governors knowing what is happening. Trump still has not stopped this insane madness within the bureaucracy, where the Clinton and Obama moles are still burrowed in and carrying out this destructive policy on our country. Tom,we will be at war with this invading army and it will get bloody, so keep your power dry and ready because once these animals get the text messages on there Obama cell phones the Negro islamic sodomite issued them, then all hell will break loose on us. the Negro has been seeding our cities and towns over the last 8 years as well as the Clinton’s, and even during the Bush years. When this happens we must be ready to take out all enemies foreign and domestic no matter what, all our lives and our families, friends will depend on it. There will be many hangings for our treasonous and seditious leaders who spit and cursed on there country and flag. These are reprobate people with filthy dark evil minds wanting to shed the blood of the American white people.

  2. lon a follower says:

    This is only happening because people allow it? i also can agree.
    Yet, do some people also deserve it? Have the nations followed Mashiak? Or has prophecy happened?
    Does God, YAHUAH also allow invaders or foreigners to cross borders? Why?
    Once you see, understand,and accept the whole world has been decieved, things become much clearer.
    Just read the hateful, rascist comments on any blog. Is this the way of the Master? Is this the way of John? Have we forgotten the Gospel? Did we ever understand it?

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