Looks As Though Some People Are Going To Have To Choose to Follow Orders Or Not Real Soon

Moments ago, Acting Metropolitan Police Chief Robert Contee said the National Guard is boosting the numbers of guardsmen around the Capitol complex to more than 20,000. 

This is a substantial increase from over the weekend when 6,000 were deployed. The number was increased to a total of 15,000 on Monday. 

Now, more than 20,000 guardsmen are expected to be armed and patrolling the Capitol grounds. It makes us wonder how large is the threat ahead of President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration on Jan 20.

This means that the military has given the orders to arm guardsmen ahead of what could be chaos during President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration on Jan 20.

We noted this morning that the FBI is racing to track down hardcore insurrectionists that could be preparing for a fight next week. 


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5 Responses to Looks As Though Some People Are Going To Have To Choose to Follow Orders Or Not Real Soon

  1. tangle says:

    I really do not think they got the response they wanted on Wednesday. Makes me wonder if they will make the response on the 20th.

    I think we are being played by a lot of people that we think are on our side when there is only a select few that are.

  2. Fa Cube Itches says:

    Don’t any of these guys ever read history books? The Provos showed how to go after a heavily protected person via mortar trucks. They just studied maps, built a couple of improvised mortars onto the back of a truck, did the math for aiming the mortars, parked the truck where it needed to be, and set a timer. Dropped one right in John Major’s back yard.

    An inauguration ceremony at the Capitol is likely to be a bigger target than 10 Downing Street, and DC doesn’t have a lot of tall buildings that anyone doing it would have to lob the rounds over. If someone wanted to attack any big event in DC, that would seem like the easiest way to do it.

    That said, other than maybe a few people waving flags/signs and shouting, I doubt that anything happens at all.

  3. Stew Leonard says:

    The hard core insurrectionists ARE the fbi! DOJ, communist democrats, And the atf, and anyone else who sides against the Constitution.

    • danryangalt says:

      Agreed sad to say. I have no faith in our government or law enforcement anymore. They enforce laws on a seemingly arbitrary basis.

  4. a follower says:

    What makes all of you so sure they are there to take orders from Biden and the democrats?
    There are two ways this could go, Both ways require this build up.

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