Major Updates, Spies, and Tunnels


Lots of major updates on the news front.

First, we’ve published our first online intelligence course at the Culper Institute.  Everyone reading this should takeIA101: Introduction to Intelligence Analysis because it will improve your security and it won’t cost you a thing.  You can download the audio and listen to it on your way to work, if you like.

Second, all further posts specifically about intelligence will be at a new blog called The ACE over at Forward Observer Magazine.  I’ll keep writing here at Guerrillamerica specifically about counterinsurgency and guerrilla warfare, and occasionally about intelligence as it applies to COIN and guerrilla warfare.   Many of these blog posts will wind up as articles for Forward Observer.  None of the old content is going away.

Third, I’m quitting my job to focus solely on Forward Observer.  It’s an organization in which I deeply believe can have an impact on the Liberty movement.  I know that we provide excellent value by writing about Intelligence and now Unconventional Warfare (John Mobsy officially joined our writing staff.)  We want to be a professional image shown to other veterans and Patriots who don’t know about our movement.  Please support our magazine by becoming a subscriber.  I guarantee you that it will be the most interesting magazine that Patriots and Preppers will ever read.  I think we have around 20 issues left of the Summer edition, so please help us get rid of them to make room for the Fall issue!  We can’t make it without you!


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