May Update on the “Second American Civil War”

Sam Culper: We’re in a “hot peace.” 

I certainly would not characterize America in 2016-2019 as being at “peace,” other than the absolute absence of outright war. The cultural cold war has turned hot; albeit at a very low level. If you ignore this, then you ignore reality.

The latest example is yesterday’s shooting in Denver, in which a transgender male opened fire on his classmates, reportedly in “revenge and anger.” That’s an extension of the ongoing culture war, and another indicator that the decades-long cold culture war is going hot.

Attacks against Trump supporters, antifascist violence, white identitarian violence, black identitarian violence, police-involved shootings and reprisals, the assassination attempt on Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) and other House Republicans during softball practice, the demonization/dehumanization of others based on race and class, which lowers the barrier to violence — ALL are examples of our multi-sided culture war going hot.



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David DeGerolamo

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