Media lies and deception are destroying America – Bill Randall

FOREST HILLS, NC February 9, 2013 – There was a time in America when journalists and publishers upheld a standard of excellence and integrity when reporting the news.

Although style and format varied, the news stories presented (more often than not) reported factual information, quoted sources accurately and in context, and were careful to attribute their sources accordingly.  Alas, those days are seemingly ancient history when it comes to believing what is reported by most major news outlets.

Consider the following stories reported by American journalists, and take a closer look at how the media manipulated the facts to influence and sway public opinion:

Case 1:  TARP/Stimulus (“Bailout”) Funds (2008)

How it was reported: Troubled (Toxic) Asset Relief Program (TARP) was promoted and ramrodded through Congress after politicians said that U.S. financial institutions would fail if the Federal Government did not take bold and decisive action to save them from financial collapse.  Link:

The real truth:  The hundreds of billions of dollars that were taken from our national treasury did very little to improve our economy.  The real objective in bailouts, TARP, and so-called “stimulus” was redistribution of wealth… plain and simple.

If you examine the SHOVEL READY jobs that were promised, you will find that no such jobs were created.  Follow the money, and you will find that those who helped put Barack Obama in office were the same persons, groups, and/or entities that received (or, more correctly: siphoned-off) federal funds as a payoff.  To better understand redistribution of wealth, listen to this monologue by Constitutional lawyer Mark Levin:


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