Memorial Day Requests

The cost of blood and treasure for Liberty is high. Too high to not recognize why our sons and daughters sacrificed their lives for their sons and daughters to receive this gift. Everyday.

The series of endless war have become a means for the government/military/industrial complex to make money with no regard for Liberty or the Republic. Our country deserves better than this. Our children deserve better than this. The fight now is within our borders against a Deep State whose goals are greed and power. Then again, we have no borders as they use these invaders to eradicate the American dream.

On this Memorial Day weekend, I ask that you remember our fallen sons and daughters. I ask that you support our men and women serving to protect our country. I ask you to take a stand and physically fight to the best of your abilities to remove the evil that has taken control of our Congress and Judiciary branches. I humbly ask that you pray to the Lord for our country’s future and to remove the false religions that the evil in our government so proudly promote.

David DeGerolamo

h/t Carolyn for the above graphic

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