From Matt Bracken’s account from a military source:

I just stocked up on more ammo before it was all gone. It’s all gone now. This isn’t people hoarding it up because it will be out of stock–this is regular Americans preparing for war.

8/6/20 – Gold is up 39.57% in the past year. Silver is up 58.17% in the past month.

The national debt is $26.6 trillion.

The national debt in 2016 was $19.8 trillion.

The total US debt today is $80.7 trillion.

The Deep State and the media continue their propaganda as the lockdowns continue. The antifa and BLM riots continue under the protection of the Democrat Party and the national network of George Soros controlled district attorneys. Our religion and heritage are under attack as the cancel culture rewrites our history. The President is missing in action and the “pandemic” is manipulated to erase our freedom and generate money from a mythical vaccine.

I believe the false flag that is expected may have been the Beirut explosion since Trump is saying it was a bomb. If you want peace, prepare for war is sound advice. Unfortunately the war is here and most people are unprepared and ill informed. Regardless of the metrics, if we have an election, the results will not be acceptable to the losing side. Use this time wisely and pray for guidance.

David DeGerolamo

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7 Responses to Metrics

  1. 173dVietVet says:

    David -- -- Isn’t it interesting that since the coup attempt via Mueller report, and the virus, the number of mass shootings has dwindled to zilch…

    The Soros “marionette manipulators” must have determined that further mass shootings would only drive more to purchase guns….and thus, the new gun purchasers would view the world more “conservatively”. But then the “marionette manipulators” failed to see the effect that civil unrest would have on the 2d Amendment attitudes of the common folk.

    Of course, it is hard to shoot up a school when it is in virus lockdown. What will we see as schools re-open and in many libtard areas the resource/police officers are being defunded and removed ????

    Tighten seatbelt…….this ride is gonna go off the rails !!

    I predict that we will, next Summer, fondly recall that the Summer of 2020 was “the good old days”…….

    Thanks and kudos for publishing your views. I look forward to your impressions on the body politic, so please keep doing what you do so well..

  2. William Sullivan says:

    Looks like Beirut was just a massive industrial accident. No OSHA regulations there, and all sources know where, when, and how the stuff got there. Look up Texas City, Texas, 1947. Everybody wants to believe it was a bomb, and it’s convenient for the israeli’s. Sometimes the world just wants to screw with everybody.

    • brewer55 says:

      There are now multiple sites showing that video, dissected, frame by frame, and it appears that there were a couple of planes, that dropped what was probably a MOAB. That was not fertilizer.

      • William Sullivan says:

        I saw the slow motion videos. It was a bird. The warehouse was already on fire, and the timing was wrong. A MOAB is designed to go off way above ground level, and all of the videos show it going off in the warehouse. As much as I would like it to be the Israelis, it wasn’t. The fire was a careless welder. And the blast was just one big bang, not some puny MOAB, and then a secondary.

        • brewer55 says:

          Maybe you are correct. Sometimes things are just as they seem to be. But, once you live in a world where it seems lies are told when the truth would do, you get very skeptical of anything.

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