Mid-Term Madness

The Democrat Socialist Party has gone full communist, not just socialist. Socialism is the term used for communists who do not have the political backing to reveal the whole agenda. The Democrat Party is transitioning past that point and believe that they can use the tactics of revolution.

If you think you have seen harassment, violence and cheating before, you haven’t seen anything, yet. A housecat is a vicious beast when caught in a trap and fearing the worst and these are tigers we are talking about. If it becomes obvious there is no “blue wave” expect to see Antifa outside of polling places with the full endorsement of the local police department and sanctioned by communist mayors.

This is how civil wars are started.


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2 years ago

Every nation needs to either reaffirm its values or commit suicide. The USA has reached that point. We either value the state or liberty, one side or the other will triumph. I know few examples in history where free men have been reduced to slaves for any period of time.